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Find warranty information for all FS products.

  • Warranty Backed By FS
  • Warranty Brochure
  • Limitations

Warranty Backed By FS

FS warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship for all products sold and manufactured by FS. Only original, unaltered, and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by this policy. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper deployment, misuse, accidents, neglect or the natural breakdown of materials over time. Products should be returned to us for evaluation. Items with defects in materials and workmanship will be repaired or refunded.

You can find warranty period for specific products in Warranty Brochure section.

Warranty Brochure

FS sets out the warranty periods, based on the materials, workmanship, usage rate and the availability of the spare parts for each product, during which we will offer you a refund, replacement or repair service case-by-case.

  • PART 1

    30-day Return & Maintenance

  • PART 2

    Maintenance Only

For the products listed below, we offer a 30-day return or replacement service if you are not satisfied with the purchase. The product must be in new or like-new condition with its original trademark, manual and accessories that were included when delivered. If there are any quality issues within the warranty period, we offer free maintenance service. If the warranty period duration is over, you may be charged for maintenance based on the practical situation.

*For Fiber Optic Transceivers, aside from the 30-day return and replacement service, we offer the replacement service if there are any quality issues within one year. If there are any quality issues after one year, we offer free maintenance within the warranty period.

*For consumable products, there are no warranty period and maintenance service provided. If there are any quality issues within 30 days after you received the products, please feel free to contact your account manager, and FS will handle it promptly.

Product Category


LAN Access Switches 4 Years

LAN Distribution Switches 5 Years

LAN Core Switches 5 Years

Data Center Switches 5 Years

USB Adapters Consumable

Enterprise Routers 1 Year

Ethernet Media Converters 1 Year

100G QSFP28 5 Years

40G QSFP+ 5 Years

25G SFP28 5 Years

40G/100G Converters 5 Years

100G CFP/CFP2/CFP4 5 Years

Customized 25G/40G/100G 5 Years

10G SFP+ 5 Years

BiDi SFP+ 5 Years

CWDM SFP+ 5 Years

DWDM SFP+ 5 Years

8G/16G Fiber Channel SFP+ 5 Years

1000BASE SFP 5 Years

BiDi SFP 5 Years

CWDM SFP 5 Years

DWDM SFP 5 Years


2G/4G Fiber Channel SFP 5 Years

10G SFP+ to SFP+ 5 Years

25G SFP28 to SFP28 5 Years

40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ 5 Years

40G QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ 5 Years

100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 5 Years

100G QSFP28 to 4xSFP28 5 Years

56G QSFP+ to QSFP+ DAC 5 Years

Customized DAC 5 Years

40G QSFP+ to 4x SFP+ 5 Years

40G QSFP+ to 8x LC 5 Years

56G QSFP+ to QSFP+ AOC 5 Years

Customized AOC 5 Years

10G XFP 5 Years

BiDi XFP 5 Years

CWDM XFP 5 Years

DWDM XFP 5 Years

Customized XFP 5 Years

SFP 3G SDI 5 Years

SFP BiDi 3G SDI 5 Years


SFP+ 12G SDI 5 Years

Converter Modules 5 Years

100BASE SFP 5 Years

10G X2 & XENPAK 5 Years

PON Transceivers 5 Years

Transceiver Accessories 5 Years

Customized X2/XENPAK/GBIC 5 Years

Firmware Upgrade Tool Kit for SFP/SFP+/XFP/QSFP+/QSFP28 5 Years

OS2 9/125 SMF Duplex Consumable

OM4 50/125 Multimode Consumable

OM3 50/125 Multimode Consumable

OM2 50/125 Multimode Consumable

OM1 62.5/125 Multimode Consumable

OS2 9/125 SMF Simplex Consumable

OM5 50/125 Multimode Consumable

Ultra Low Loss LC Cables Consumable

Uniboot LC Cables Consumable

BIF Fiber Cables Consumable

Standard 900μm Pigtails Consumable

6-12 Fiber Pigtail Consumable

Armored Patch Cables Consumable

LC/SC Loopbacks Consumable

Server/Network Cabinets Consumable

Wall Mount Cabinets Consumable

Open Frame Racks Consumable

Shelves & Accessories Consumable

FHD Rack Mount Consumable

FHD Wall Mount Consumable

FHD Modular Panels Consumable

FHX Ultra Rack Mount Consumable

FHZ Premium Ultra Rack Consumable

Enclosure Accessories Consumable

FHD LC SC MTP FAPs Consumable

FHX LC SC MTP FAPs Consumable

FHU 1U Patch Panels Consumable

FHD MTP-LC Cassettes Consumable

FHX MTP-LC Cassettes Consumable

FHZ MTP-LC Cassettes Consumable

FHD MPO-LC Cassettes Consumable

FHX MPO-LC Cassettes Consumable

FHU MTP/MPO-LC Breakout Panels Consumable

Horizontal Cable Manager Consumable

Vertical Cable Manager Consumable

Cable Ties Consumable

Cable Labels Consumable

DWDM Mux Demux 1 Year

CWDM Mux Demux 1 Year

Low Loss CCWDM Module 1 Year

Optical Attenuators Consumable

PLC Splitters Consumable

Hot In-Stock Terminal Box Consumable

Fiber Optic Wall Plates Consumable

Fiber Splice Tray & Protection Sleeves Consumable

FMT Amplifier Modules 1 Year

Transponder (OEO) 1 Year

Dispersion Compensation 1 Year

Chassis & Accessories 1 Year

Cat5e Patch Cables Consumable

Cat6 Patch Cables Consumable

Cat6a Patch Cables Consumable

Cat7 Patch Cables Consumable

Cat8 Patch Cables Consumable

28AWG Slim Patch Cables Consumable

Cat6 Patch Panels Consumable

Cat5e Patch Panels Consumable

Blank Patch Panels Consumable

Network Wall Plates Consumable

Optical Power Meter 1 Year

Optic Light Source 1 Year

Visual Fault Locators 1 Year

Optical Multimeter 1 Year

Fiber Identifiers & Talk Set 1 Year

Optical Fiber Ranger 1 Year

For the products below, we do not offer the 30-day refund or replacement service. However, we offer free maintenance service within the warranty period. If the warranty duration is over, you may be charged for maintenance based on the practical situation.

*For consumable products, there is no warranty period and maintenance service. If there are any quality issues within 30 days after you received the products, please feel free to contact your account manager, and FS will handle it promptly.

Product Category


Network Switches Accessories 1 Year

Next-Generation Firewalls 1 Year

PDU Power Strips 1 Year

UPS Power Supply 1 Year

IEC60320 Power Cords Consumable

Locking Power Cords Consumable

NEMA Power Cords Consumable

Customized Power Cords Consumable

Network Adapters 1 Year

Servers 3 Years

TAPS Aggregators 5 Years

PoE Splitter/ Injector 6 Months

Fiber Optic Video Converter 1 Year

KVM 2 Years

Access Points 3 Years

Wireless Controller 3 Years

Conference Camera 3 Years

VC Accessories 3 Years

MTP Trunk Cables Consumable

MTP-LC Harness Cables Consumable

MPO Trunk Cables Consumable

MPO-LC Harness Cables Consumable

MTP Conversion Cables Consumable

Customized MTP/MPO Fiber Cables Consumable

Customized Standard Patch Cables Consumable

Customized LC+ Cables Consumable

Customized Fiber Pigtails Consumable

Customized Armored Patch Cables Consumable

Military Cables Consumable

PM Fiber Cables Consumable

Indoor Multifiber Cables Consumable

Indoor / Outdoor Multifiber Cables Consumable

Hot In-Stock Fiber Cables Consumable

FTTH Fiber cable Consumable

Indoor cable Consumable

Indoor & Outdoor cable Consumable

Outdoor cable Consumable

Other Fiber Optical cable Consumable

Fiber Adapters Consumable

Mode Conditioning Cables Consumable

FHX MTP Conversion Cassettes Consumable

FHX TAP Cassettes Consumable

FHX Splice Cassettes Consumable

Fiber Raceway Consumable

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Consumable

Steel U Cable Ladder Consumable

DWDM Add & Drop 1 Year

CWDM Add & Drop 1 Year

FMU Mounting Chassis 1 Year

Customized Mux Demux & OADM 1 Year

FBT Coupler Splitters Consumable

Optical Switches Consumable

WDM Filters Consumable

Micro-optic Devices Consumable

Splice Closure Consumable

Fiber connectors Consumable

ODF Box Consumable

Outside Wall Mount Enclosures Consumable

WDM Transport Platform 1 Year

Line Protection 1 Year

DWDM Red/Blue Filter 1 Year

Fiber Monitoring 1 Year

Cat5e Trunk Cables Consumable

Cat6 Trunk Cables Consumable

Cat6a Trunk Cables Consumable

Customized Trunk Cables Consumable

Cat5e Bulk Cables Consumable

Cat6 Bulk Cables Consumable

Cat6a Bulk Cables Consumable

Cat7 Bulk Cables Consumable

Cable Assemblies Consumable

Couplers & Jacks Consumable

Fiber Optic Cleaner Consumable

Fiber Optic Inspection 1 Year

OTDR 1 Year

OTDR Fiber Launch Boxes Consumable

Fiber Optic Polishing Consumable

Fiber Optic Splicing Consumable

Tool Kits Consumable

Fiber Cable Strippers Consumable

Fiber Optic Cutters Consumable

Fiber Cable Slitters Consumable

Network Tool Kits Consumable

Punch Down Tools Consumable

Cable Strippers Consumable

Network Cable Testers Consumable

If the product's warranty period expires or the product has no warranty, we can still repair it for you. In such circumstances, you will have to bear the full cost of maintenance and transportation of the product in the real-time processing.
In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, we will provide a maintenance service if the product has any quality issues within the warranty period.
For more details about return and exchange, please check Return Policy.


This Warranty policy applies only to the product purchased from FS directly and not transferable to a third party without authorization. The Warranty does not apply if there are:

Damage due to acts of nature, for example, lightning strikes, flood, tornadoes, earthquake, and the like;

Negligence, misuse or abuse;

Modifications to any part of the Product;

Damage caused by accident, fire, or other external causes;

Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by FS or with improper voltage or power supply.

No FS re-seller, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification to the warranty. If any term is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforcement of the remaining terms shall not be affected.

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