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Return Policy

Make the return process as simple and easy as possible.

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Return and Exchange

FS offers return or exchange service for most items within 30 days of receiving of products. You will find the applicable conditions on this page.

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  • Return Policy
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Easy Returns

Want to return an item? Just follow 4 steps.

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1. Select the order and choose the item(s) to return through ''Order History- Completed'' page.
Fs package-icon.png Fs arrow-line.png
2. Submit the return request. Once approved, put the items and printed RMA form into a box.
Fs ship-icon.png Fs arrow-line.png
3. Return the parcel to us. You can print the shipping label online if qualified for free return.
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4. Once the parcel arrives at our warehouse, we will send you replacements or refund back to you.


If you cannot find the order in completed orders, please click Receipt Confirmation to ensure that the order turns into completed status.

Return guide for offline orders and guest-checkout orders, please find information in "FAQs".

Return Policy

Overall Return Guidelines

These are FS’s overall return guidelines. All returns must meet the overall guidelines in order for the individual return policy to apply.

The product is purchased directly from FS.

The returned product must be in a saleable condition and exhibits no physical damage.

All the original product packaging (including instructions, accessories, trademark, etc.) must be sent back along with the product.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be provided to FS.

If any of the above conditions and requirements are not met, the item is not confirmed as a faulty good, or the product is not returned with prior approval, the return case will be rejected under this policy. In this case, FS will not be responsible for any incurring charges.

Return Policies

To start a return, you must initiate a return request in the allowable window. The window opens once the order is completed, and lasts for different time which varies on products. Belowing form gives you a brief look on windows for return and replace service on different kinds of products.
Refund Window
Replace Window
Switches (hardware only);
USB Adapters;
Ethernet Media Converters
30 days
30 days
40G / 100G / SFP / Digital Video Transceivers;
SFP+ / XFP / Other Transceivers
30 days
30 days
Except for SR, LR, LRM and ER, all HP compatible transceivers cannot be returned or replaced without quality issues.
Direct Attach Cables;
Active Optical Cables
30 days
30 days
XFP & HP compatible cables cannot be returned or replaced without quality issues.
FS Box
30 days
30 days
Fiber Adapters & Connectors
30 days
30 days
Fiber Optic Enclosures;
Cable Management;
Fiber Patch Panels;
Fiber Optic Cassettes;
Racks & Cabinets
30 days
30 days
#56939, #56945, #28952 and customized box is excluded.
Mux Demux & OADM;
Passive Components;
Fiber Termination;
WDM Transport Platform
30 days
30 days
Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat7 / Cat8 Patch Cables / Panels;
Basic Fiber Tester;
Advanced Fiber Tester
30 days
30 days
Pre-terminated Trunk and bulk cables are excluded.
FMT Infrastructure Modules
30 days
30 days
Only available for #72284, #72283, #36524, #36501, #65781, #65779, #30515, #39214.
Fiber Patch Cables;
Ultra HD Fiber Cables;
Fiber Cable Pigtails;
Ruggedized Fiber Cables
30 days
Products unused; quality issues only.
MTP / MPO Trunk Cables;
MTP-LC / MPO-LC Harness Cables
30 days
24 fibers, MTP-LC HD and Standard Insertion Loss are excluded; quality issues only.
Any other products not listed in the form is not available for refund or replace service. However, we provide comprehensive maintenance policy to guarantee a satisfying experience of product usage. For more details, visit FS Warranty policy.



How can I return an item if I'm not a registered customer or placed an offline order?


If you have placed the order as a guest or just placed an offline order, you can start a return through the "Product Return Request"


Do I need to pay the shipping cost or customs for the goods returned or exchanged?


If your return is due to an error on our part (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.), FS will cover all the shipping cost. Otherwise, the return shipping cost should be borne by your own.
Usually, international orders may cause custom duties on import and export. If the items are returned from abroad, and the return is due to our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.), we will cover the custom duties.


How can I get the shipping fee if I'm qualified for free return/replace?


Usually you can save the shipping fees by printing shipping label we provide on "Return/Replace Review" page when the return/replace request is approved. If you don't find that shipping label, don't worry, we will refund you the shipping fees when we received the item(s).


When can I get the refund back?


Refund is usually processed on Tuesday and Friday after we received the returning items, and you will receive the money within 1 week, depending on the refund method that you use.


How would I receive the refund?


In most cases, we will refund you the returned items in the same way you paid for them. Also, You can contact your account manager to help you keep the money as "reserved amount" in FS and spend them for your future FS order.

Revised on May 9th, 2019. FS reserves the final interpretation.

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