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Payment Methods

Bring the trusted payment methods and make it easy for you to pay.

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Learn how to pay on FS

Shop around at FS and place what you want in your shopping basket. Choose a payment method you like and pay easily. Then go about your business. Your purchase is on its way.

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • iDEAL
  • Bank Transfer
  • Purchase Order

Pay on FS with PayPal

Fs Payment-PayPal.png

PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly in online shops. Select PayPal as your payment method when you check out. Then you will be redirected to PayPal via a secure online connection where you can complete the payment. You can make your payments either by credit card, debit card or the balance of your paypal account.

Our PayPal account is

Under some particular circumstances, your payment may needs to be reviewed or further processed. The process may take 3-5 working days and your order will remain in pending status during this period. You may check the order status a few days later. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Pay on FS with Credit/Debit Card

Fs Payment-Credit.png

We accept Visa, Master, American Express, Discover, and Diners. We do not add any credit card surcharges. However, transaction fee might be charged by issuing bank. You may contact your bank to know more about it.

ATTENTION: Orders by credit card can only be made by the cardholder himself. For security reasons, the payment method Credit Card is only possible with online orders, because only this way a pre-authorization with checking of various security features can take place to protect against card misuse.

FS.COM GmbH reserves the right to cancel any order that probably has secure problem without notifying you.

Direct and Secure Payment Via Online Bank

Fs Payment-ideal.png

iDEAL offers a familiar, secure and convenient way of payment online. You can pay within the trusted online banking environment of your own bank. Simply pay the way you usually pay bills with online banking. We can offer the following banks for you to choose.

  • ANS Bank
  • ING
  • knab
  • Triodos Bank
  • Van Lanschot
  • Moneyou
  • Rabobank
  • RegioBank
  • SNS
  • bunq

Due to international transaction processing procedure, the payment going through may be delayed for 1-2 working days and your order will remain in pending status during this period. Once the payment goes through, the status will change. Please don't worry about that. If you need the product(s) urgently, you might choose other payment options like credit card or PayPal.

Payment through Bank Transfer

Fs Payment-Vorkasse.png

Bank transfer usually takes 2-3 working days. We will deliver your order as soon as the ordered goods are available and your transfer has arrived.

Please use the following bank details:

Beneficiary A/C Name: FS.COM GmbH
Beneficiary Bank Name: Sparkasse Freising
IBAN: DE16 7005 1003 0025 6748 88
Account Number: 25674888
Beneficiary Bank Address: Untere Hauptstr.29, 85354, Freising


Note: Before the payment goes through, your order will remain in pending status. If you need the product(s) urgently, you might choose other payment options like credit card or PayPal.

Payment By SOFORT

Fs Payment-Sofort.png

Make payments in an easy way with your own online banking details – fast and direct. With SOFORT, you can use your own online banking details, which is easy, convenient and secure!

Available in the following European countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

With Sofort, your safety is paramount. You use your own online banking information and FS.COM GmbH will not capture any personal information or card details. The entry of your online banking data takes place on the secure payment side of Sofort GmbH, to which the merchants have no access. Sofort GmbH owns the TÜV seal "Certified Data Protection" and immediately the certificate "Verified Payment System" of the TÜV Saarland.

Pay on FS with Purchase Order

Fs PURCHASE_icon.png

You can choose PO payment as long as you have an approved credit account in FS, such as Net 30 account. FS will process both online and offline orders upon approval. Then, you can remit the payment accordingly for the order within the agreed period from the date of delivery.

Online Purchase Order Payment

For online purchase order payment, once you have been approved with a credit account and signed in, you may complete your shopping and upload your purchase order at the last step.

Offline Purchase Order Payment

For offline purchase order payment, you need to talk out every single details about purchasing with your account manager. You can send your purchase order to your account manager upon confirmation of all details.

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