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This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.
This picture is about 12FMTPOM5.

10m (33ft) MTP® Jumper, MTP®-12 UPC (Female) to MTP®-12 UPC (Female), 12 Fibers, Multimode (OM5), Plenum (OFNP), 0.35dB Max, Type B, Lime Green


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MTP®-12 Jumper, F to F, UPC, 12F, OM5, OFNP, 0.35dB, Type B

MTP® jumpers, allow for the seamless migration to higher data rates in the data center when used in conjunction with our trunk cables. They are typically used for patching within a cabinet. MTP® cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles.

OM5 fibers are 100% standards compliant meeting all OM3 and OM4 specifications, with an additional requirement for Differential Mode Delay (DMD) that compensates for modal and chromatic dispersion. They include additional bandwidth characterization at 953 nm to support extended distances when using SWDM. OM5 fibers apply to data centers that require quick infrastructure deployment with extended reach and want to maintain bandwidth throughout the infrastructure.
Please note: The US Conec MTP® connectors are fully compliant with the MPO standards, achieving higher performance levels when compared to generic MPO connectors.

Connector Type
US Conec MTP®-MTP Female (Pinless)
Polish Type
Fiber Mode
OM5 50/125μm
40G Ethernet Distance
440m at 850nm
100G Ethernet Distance
150m at 850nm
RoHS Compliancy Status
Minimum Bend Radius
Insertion Loss
0.35dB Max (0.15dB Typ.)
Return Loss
Effectivemodal Bandwidth (at 850nm)
Effectivemodal Bandwidth (at 953nm)
Cable Outside Diameter (OD)
Cable Jacket
Plenum (OFNP)
Installation Tensile Load
Tensile Strength (Long/Short Term)
Operating Temperature
-10 to 70°C (14 to 158℉)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185℉)
*MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. US Conec and FS.COM partner on supplying high performance MTP series products.

Quality Testing Program

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Quality Testing Program

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Quality Certifications
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Connectivity Solutions
Superior Workmanship Guarantees Stable Transmission

MTP® cables are offering state-of-the-art multi-fiber and mechanical performance.

US Conec MTP® Connector

Deliver stable signals and achieves flexible system design.

Bend Insensitive Fiber

Allow tighter cable bends for slack storage and routing.

Plenum (OFNP) Outer Jacket

Fire resistance and low smoke to minimize damage.

OM5 Fiber - Ready for Next-Generation Wideband Networks

Transmit multiple signals on one fiber, increasing the bandwidth of a single fiber at least four.

High Density Cabling for Various Environments
Minimize waste, optimize cable management, and speed deployment for lower installation costs.
Data Centers
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Communications Rooms
Clean Fiber Means Performance
Clean end-face is the main requirement for reliability and high-performance connection.

Cleaning MTP®/MPO connectors with IBC MPO cleaner.

Cleaning MTP®/MPO connectors with cassette cleaner.

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United States

December 04, 2023
Nice stuff, great service from the engineers.
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United States

December 03, 2023
Fast delivery, pretty well made and not too expensive.
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United States

October 09, 2023
The cables are as described. Plugged in a pass traffic with no issues.
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