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Order, Quotes & Availability

Order, Quotes & Availability (39)

    Availability & Lead Time
    • Q:  How can I check product availability?


      Inventory of different warehouses is shown on the product page.

      Products in stock in U.S. warehouse will be shipped from Delaware within 1 business day.

      If products in your order are temporarily out of stock in U.S. warehouse, they will be prepared and shipped from Asia warehouse to you.

      In addition, product inventory changes in real time. Please refer to the live inventory displayed on the product page to get up to date information of stock levels when you place an order.

    • Q:  How can I check the lead time for the product?


      If the product is sufficient in the U.S. warehouse, we can ship within 24 hours on business days.

      If the product is currently out of stock in the U.S. warehouse, you can check the estimated delivery date on the product detail page.

      For some custom orders, the lead time may be several weeks.

      For the estimated delivery time of a specific order, please refer to the "Order Detail" Section when you checkout.

    • Q:  Can I request customized services?


      You can customize a product through the product details page or by contacting your account manager. We will do our best to meet the needs of all customers.

    Request a Quote
    • Q:  How do I Creat a quote online?


      1. Login to FS.com

      2. Add the products to your shopping cart

      3. Click the ''Create Quote'' tab

      4. Fill in the required shipping and billing information

      5. Click the "Create" tab and download the PDF

    • Q:  Do FS.com quotes expire?


      Quotes are valid for 15 days after their creation. After 15 days, the quote may need to be reworked by an account manager to reflect changes in pricing or availability.

    • Q:  Can I get a discount if I order large quantities of an item?


      When buying in large quantities, you can receive a discount and save even more. To get a discount either:

      1. Send an email to Sales@FS.com for a volume discount.

      2. Find "Create Quote" in shopping cart and submit your quote. You can view the quote update in your account center and make a purchase directly with the quoted price.

    • Q:  What should I do if I receive a quote?


      Check it in Quote History and confirm if there is a quoted price. If it exists, checkout the payment directly. If not, ask account manager or customer service to place an order, and a payment link will be sent to you.

    Payment Methods
    • Q:  Do you offer Cash on Delivery service?


      Sorry that we do not offer Cash on Delivery service. Multiple payment methods are supported when you place an order at FS, including credit/debit card, PayPal, wire transfer, Net Terms, etc.

    • Q:  Why is certain payment method not available?


      Possible reasons:

      1. Country does not support. What payment methods are available mostly depends on the country in the shipping address. Some methods might not be available to buyers from a certain country.

      2. Your FS account doesn't support. For example, Net Terms are available for business accounts with a line of credit established. If your account isn't Net account, Net Terms payment method won't be shown at checkout.

      Please choose from the available methods at checkout to make payment.

    • Q:  Can I change my payment method?


      Yes, you can change your payment method anytime before the payment is successfully paid to FS.

      Payments that are yet to be completed can be found on My orders. To change your payment method go to the My Orders > Pending > select the relevant order > Pay Now > select available payment method.

    • Q:  How do I know if my payment is successful?


      Once the payment is received, you will receive an order email and you can also check the status under My orders.

    • Q:  Why was my Credit/Debit Card refused?


      If you can't check out with your credit/debit card, it may be due to transaction limits, card errors, unaccepted cards, or restrictions due to card misuse.

      To find out why your card was refused in the first place, just contact your bank. They should be able to help. If the problem can't be solved in a short time, please try to pay again using a different card if you have one. Or, you can consider to change to a different payment method.

    • Q:  Why does my order show pending in your system email when I have successfully made the payment?


      It takes more time for the payment status to be updated for some payment methods. If you have waited more than normal payment receiving timeline(e.g., normally 1~3 business days for bank transfer payment), please contact our customer service or your account manager for more information.

    • Q:  Are there additional fees if I pay by Credit/Debit Card?


      FS won't charge any additional fees for payments by Credit / Debit cards. If you have been billed more than your Total Payment amount at checkout, please contact your card bank to figure out the problem firstly.

      If support is needed from FS, it would be more helpful if you can offer an image or receipt with the deduction amount, date, and payee.

    • Q:  How much does it cost to use Net Terms?


      No handling fees will be charged to establish Net terms with FS and you only need to pay the invoice before the due date if you are approved for the credit.

    • Q:  How to do if there is an unauthorized payment in my account?


      FS won't actively debit the amount from your account. Please kindly confirm with your family members or colleagues, maybe one of them used your account or card for the purchase.

      If they didn't, kindly call your bank to froze this payment and then talk with the bank for further help.

    • Q:  Why do I need to verify my payment on my order?


      Our system checks a random amount of orders to ensure that they were placed by an authorized user of the payment method selected. Please check your email and reply with the requested documents, we will not save your personal infomation.

    • Q:  How does FS protect my online payment?


      FS does not store your payment details such as bank cards, credit cards or any other payment information. When you make a payment, the system will only send relevant payment information to the third-party payment platform or bank securely.

    • Q:  How to solve payment issues?


      If you are experiencing error messages when making a payment, please be sure you have entered the correct details by double-checking your information. Check with your bank to ensure there are no problems with your account. After this, please contact our customer service or your account manager here and submit details and we will investigate further.

      To help us resolve the issue for you, please include as many of the following details as possible (don't worry if you're not very technical or are unsure about any of the below; just give us as much information as you can):

      1. What operating system you use (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Vista, Mac OS X)

      2. What Internet Browser you are using or if via our App (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

      3. What payment method you were trying (e.g. credit card, Paypal)

      4. A description of the problem and what time the problem occurred

      5. If you receive an error message, please include it in your message to us and provide us a screenshot if possible.

      6. Include your order number and your email address.

    • Q:  What payment options does FS support?


      FS supports various payment methods, including Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, check, Net Terms, etc. For more information, please visit Payment Methods.

    • Q:  How long will the shipping take?


      After your products have been shipped, it may take 2-3 business days to deliver them to you.

      However, all delivery dates specified are estimates only and are subject to change depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to, weather conditions, international customs procedures, local couriers and delivery companies, etc.

    • Q:  If I need a product urgently, can you provide expedited delivery?


      We provide different shipping methods with different shipping time and prices. If you need a product urgently, you can choose those shipping methods that can provide the earliest delivery date.

    • Q:  I have chosen an overnight service, why didn't I get my package the next day?


      If you place an order before the logistic cut-off time and the product is in stock, you will get it the next day.

      However, please note that there may be certain factors we have no control over, such as weather conditions, local couriers and delivery companies schedules which may influence the delivery date. In such cases, we hope you can understand these circumstances are out of our control and we try our best to deliver our products in the quickest time frame.

      If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

    • Q:  What shipping methods are supported?


      The main shipping methods are FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT.

      Different destinations will be matched with the best delivery method; Regional details are included below:

      USA-FS Global Shipping Program (GSP), Shipping & Delivery - FS USA

      Germany-Shipping & Delivery - FS Germany

      United Kingdom-Shipping & Delivery - FS United Kingdom

      Australia-Shipping & Delivery - FS Australia

      Singapore-Shipping & Delivery - FS Singapore


    • Q:  How much will I be charged for shipping?


      Certain items and order amounts qualify for free shipping. Available items will designate "free shipping" on their product description page above the "add to cart" tab. In order to take advantage of free shipping, the order total will need to exceed a certain minimum amount. For example, US orders of 79$ USD with approved items qualify for free shipping.

      Different couriers and delivery speeds are available during check-out in the "Delivery Options" dropdown tab.

    • Q:  Is blind shipping available?


      Blind shipping is available for request during the check out process. Please request "blind shipping" in the order notes. If your order has already been placed, please contact your account manager for help.

    • Q:  Can I use my own shipping account?


      Yes, personal shipping accounts are able to be used for orders. During the checkout process there is a "Select Delivery Option", and “Use my own shipping account” is one of the options.

    • Q:  I am sales tax exempt. How can I remove the taxes from my order?


      If your organization is exempt from sales tax, you can apply directly through your online account here: Tax Exemption Application. Renewals are also processed through the online account. Once approved, all purchases made to the documented exemption state(s) will be tax-free.

    • Q:  Does FS provide international shipping?


      Yes, we do. We deliver to countries/regions worldwide.

    • Q:  Can you offer free shipping?


      Orders of eligible items over US$ 79 can receive free shipping with default shipping method. Orders containing heavy or oversize items are not eligible for this service. Learn more details on Shipping & Delivery page.

    • Q:  Is it possible to know the shipping cost before placing an order?


      After you add products to shopping cart, please proceed to the checkout page and fill in the shipping address. You can see all the shipping options available for your order and the corresponding shipping cost.

      As the purchase has not been completed yet, you will not be charged until you click "Confirm Order" and fill in your payment information.

    • Q:  Will any tax or tariff be charged for my order?


      For orders delivered to U.S., FS is required by state law to collect sales tax that applies to your order. If your organization is exempt from sales tax, you can submit Tax Exemption Application for tax-free shopping. Click here to read more.

      FS also will bear the customs clearance for you if orders are shipped from our Asia Warehouse.

      For orders delivered to Puerto Rico, no sales tax will be charged. FS also will bear the customs clearance for you if orders are shipped from our Asia Warehouse.

      For orders delivered to Canada and Mexico, you need to pay the possible tariff or import fee caused by customs clearance.

    • Q:  Do you provide an overnight service?


      Yes, we can provide FedEx Overnight Service for orders in stock in our US warehouse if you place an order by following the process below:

      1. Choose a payment service whose remittance can be confirmed once you finish payment (like PayPal, Credit Card or Net Terms).

      2. Place order and complete payment before the logistics cut-off time 5pm EST (Delaware Warehouse).

      3. Check the product availability and choose FedEx Overnight Service (if the product is non-stock in Delaware warehouse or shows "customized", the overnight service will not be offered).

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