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Microsoft Drops a Cloud Data Center in Ocean

Half of the world's population is located within 200 kilometers of the coast, so placing data centers in the sea would reduce latency – the time data takes to
travel from its source to customers, which simply means faster delivery of data and stimulates demand growth for cloud storage. The construction of the
submarine data center makes it easy for high efficiency but low cost.

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Why FS Recognized by Microsoft

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    Comprehensive Product Support

    Comprehensive network of products & solutions to solve customers' all difficulties.'

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    Save Big

    High quality products with lower price saving 50% budget.

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    Huge Inventory of hot-sale products for super fast delivery with high effeciency.

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    Located branches in Asia, North America and Europe for 24hrs online.

Customer Feedback

Customers are the most important stakeholders of every business and customer feedback matters than ever.
Microsoft's high evaluation on FS gave us more confidence and motion to increasingly improve our products quality and service to the next level.

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“Thank you FiberStore for helping push the edge with us on projects ranging from
traditional data centers to underwater such as Natick and optics from 10Ge to 100Ge
they are definitely a partner to count on.”

Steve.Dahl, Senior Systems Analyst, Microsoft

More Solutions Here for You

FS strives to provide customers with the highest standards of design, manufacture and system installation. Whatever the use, FS products are designed,
made and tested to exceed our customers' expectations.

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