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FS Optical Transport Network System

We focus on providing our customers the best technical support, engineering cost effective and
scalable solutions for metro and long-haul DWDM network.

Long-haul Transport for Multi-Service

Long-haul networks carry huge loads of information between cities, through mountains, or from coast to coast,
creating challenges to keep the signal clear and the loss minimal. FS.COM understands the challenge and strives to
help customers to solve these issues and build the most cost-effective networks.

Successful Case Studies

FS strives to provide more solutions with the highest standards of design, flexible application
and cost-saving products for you.

Fs optical_network_case01.jpg

Long-haul Ring OTN System

Cooperate with Klee Group which is a French digital company to achieve seamless and efficient intercity connectivity.

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CWDM OADM Adds Access Points on a
CWDM Network

Cooperate with Murphysboro which is a city seat of
United States to achieving allowing
intermediate locations to easily access the common fiber.

WDM Solution for Reliable Data Center Interconnect

Make disaster-recovery & network protection
solution simple.

Hybrid DWDM over CWDM Network

A flexible and scalable solution for cost-effective
capacity growth and investment protection.

Optical Transport Network (OTN)

FS Optical Transport Network is engineered to support low-cost 100G DWDM solutions for high-capacity optical
links and conducive to save cabinet space.

FMU-Mux Demux

Provide high-performance signal
division and multiplex for optical
transmission in WDM system.


Designed to add/drop one or multiple
channels into an existing backbone ring
or a CWDM common fiber link.


The use of optical amplifiers in point-to-point
connections enables the transmission of
DWDM signals over long distances.


Cost-optimized CWDM and DWDM networks.
By means of the implemented 3R functionality
(re-amplification, re-shaping, re-timing) for
signal processing.


10/40GbE switches satisfy optical transmission
requirements for long distance between two
sites or fiber ring.


Used in the protection of network transmission line, it can realize optical power monitoring and automatic switching.


An intelligent switching system which guarantees the high availability of the whole network when network node fails accidently.


Variable optical attenuation (VOA) card for optical network power management.


Red/Blue Filter for separating and polymerizing Red-band and Blue-band signal.


Dispersion compensation module for distances of up to 200 km.

FMU Mux Demux & OADM


Adopt reliable passive optical multiplexer/demultiplexer WDM technology and scale easily for ring networks, which designed for metro
access applications.

From US$  170.00


Used in WDM systems for multiplexing and routing fiber optic signals, selectively adding and dropping individual or
sets of wavelength channels from a DWDM stream.

From US$  94.00

FS Multi-service Transport (FMT) System


Optical amplifier enables transmissions of DWDM signals over long distance, supporting remote monitoring and
keeping output power stability.

Optical AmplifierFrom US$  1,100.00


1Gbps to 11.3Gbps WDM Transponder OEO comes with 8x SFP/SFP+ ports that can support 3R function
for longer distances.

Transponder (OEO)From US$  150.00


With ultra low insertion loss, the DCMs can compensate a distance 100km in 10Gbps~40 Gbps standard 
single-mode G.652 optical fiber application.

Dispersion Compensation ModuleFrom US$  650.00


It's used to separate or combine Red-band and Blue-band signal in single fiber WDM systems, characterized with
high channel isolation and low insertion loss.

Red/Blue DWDM SplittersFrom US$  90.00


A device that is used in the protection of network transmission line, it can realize optical power monitoring and
automatic switching.

Optical Line ProtectionFrom US$  380.00


An intelligent switching system which can bypass the faulty node caused by power off or fault of optical output to
avoid breakdown of whole network communication.

Optical Bypass ProtectionFrom US$  310.00


With high multi-channel attenuation stability and automatical attenuation adjustment, the VOA applies to optical
network power management.

Variable Optical AttenuatorFrom US$  240.00

Network & Element Management Software

Device Topology

Fault Management

Performance Monitoring

EDFA Status

Packet Optical Transport Systems

FS focus on providing our customers the best technical support, engineering cost effective and scalable solutions.
All solutions are created by our experienced project engineers who specialize in this filed for many years, ensuring the projects with exceptional quality and high performance.
Meanwhile, we are also committed to provide a comprehensive set of optic transceivers which adopt top laser and components, and strictly test control, thus guaranteeing the perfomance can be utilized.