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FMT-4OPD, 4 Channels 1550nm Optical Power Detection OPD (AIU)
FMT-4OPD, 4 Channels 1550nm Optical Power Detection OPD (AIU)

FMT-4OPD, 4 Channels 1550nm Optical Power Detection OPD (AIU)

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Item Spotlights

Wide Range of Monitoring
Support Online and Non-online Collection
Support Multi-channel Real-time Monitoring
Support 1550±20 Optical Signal Monitoring
Product Highlights

OPD(AIU) Optical Power Detection for Optical Monitoring, LC/UPC, Pluggable Module

Optical power detection is a kind of optical power monitoring equipment, which can carry on the high precision optical power detection. It supports online sampling or offline.

Since its high measurement accuracy, high stability and high performance, OPD is an ideal choice of optical real-time monitoring system in optical fiber, cable, optical passive device loss measurements.

Operating Wavelength
Power Monitoring Accuracy
Power/Gain Stability
Power Resolution
Optical Power Monitoring Scope
Insertion Loss (online)
Power Consumption
Channel Optional
4 channels
Monitor Online, Simple Management Tool, Monitor Cable
Pluggable Module (Occupies 1 slot in FMT chassis)
Quality Certifications

Product Highlights

OPD (AIU) Optical Power Detection Module

High monitoring precision and wide optical power monitoring scope

Multi-channel optical power real-time detection and monitoring

Support both online and offline information collection

Detection and Monitoring for MUX Tx/Rx Power
As the infrastructure equipment in fiber optic system, optical power detection provides both absolute and relative power monitoring to achieve the purpose of link loss measurement. The number of channels of AIU/OPD is twice that of Mux on the link, which is generally used at both the receiving end and the transmitting end.
Fiber Cable Monitoring and Management System
Available for All-in-One Multi-Service Transport System

As a part of multi-service transport system, hot-swappable pluggable OPD card only occupies 1 slot in the 1U/2U/4U chassis.

FS Powerful Network Management System

FS Network Management Unit (NMU/NMS) is developed with ARM9 control design. NMU/NMS provides full fault, configuration, performance, security management and instant push email. FMT monitor online management software (a Java-based network management system) built with modular client uses the Microsoftware SQL Server 2008R2 database.

Optical Transport Network Family

FMT 10G/25G WDM Platform

High Flexible, Multi-Service

Monitor Online,
SNMP v1 Management

High integration with 10G/25G WDM transponders, EDFAs, DCM, OLP, fiber monitoring modules, etc.

M6200 10G WDM Platform

High Integration, Ideal For Upgrade

WEB, SNMP v2 Management

High integration with 10G WDM transponder, EDFAs, DCM, OLP, fiber monitoring modules, etc.

Same management system as 100G&200G OTN platform, better for upgrade

M6500 100/200G OTN Platform

10G/40G/100G Multi-Service, High Capacity

WEB, SNMP v2 Management

Flexible Mix of 10G/40G/100G client side

2x 100G QSFP28/4x 40G QSFP+ to 1x 200G CFP2

Support FEC and in-band GCC / out-of-band OSC remote management

M6800 200G OTN Platform

Ultra High Capacity, Low Power Consumption

WEB, SNMP v2 Management

Delivering up to 8x 200G in a 1U chassis

16x 100G QSFP28 to 8x 200G CFP2

Support FEC and in-band GCC / out-of-band OSC remote management

Data Center/DCI


Service Provider/Carriers


Dark Fiber Providers

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This plug-in card design is very easy to install, and I only need to put the OPD in FMT chassis and manage it with other products, it is so convenient.
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