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This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.
This picture is about QSFP-LX4-40G.

FS for Mellanox QSFP-LX4-40G Compatible QSFP+ 40GBASE-QSFP-LX4 1310nm 2km DOM Duplex LC/UPC SMF/MMF Optical Transceiver Module


Macom CWDM4 DFB ≤3.5W Duplex LC SMF/MMF

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Mellanox QSFP-LX4-40G Compatible 40GBASE-QSFP-LX4 QSFP+ Optical Transceiver Module (SMF/MMF, 1310nm, 150m/2km, LC, DOM)

The QSFP+ module is designed for use in 40GBASE Ethernet throughput up to 150m over OM3 multimode fiber (MMF) and 2km over single mode fiber (SMF) using a wavelength of 1310nm via duplex LC connectors. This transceiver is compliant with QSFP+ MSA and IEEE 802.3ba 40GBASE-LM4 standard. Digital diagnostics functions are also available via the I2C interface, as specified by the QSFP+ MSA, to allow access to real-time operating parameters. With these features, this easy to install, hot swappable transceiver is suitable to be used in various applications, such as data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layer applications.

Mellanox Compatible
Vendor Name
Form Factor
Max Data Rate
41.2Gbps (4x 10.3Gbps)
Max Cable Distance
Duplex LC
Transimitter Type
Receiver Type
TX Power (MMF)
TX Power (SMF)
Receiver Sensitivity (MMF)
Receiver Sensitivity (SMF)
Receiver Overload (MMF)
Receiver Overload (SMF)
Powerbudget (MMF)
Powerbudget (SMF)
Power Consumption
Extinction Ratio
Host FEC
Bit Error Ratio (BER)
Commercial Temperature Range
0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
40G Ethernet, MSA Compliant

Quality Testing Program

Take a look at our test program to get the reliable and high-performance optical transceivers.

Quality Testing Program

Optical Transceivers Testing Learn more
Quality Certifications
To get the detailed certification, please go to the Product Compliance Status for download.
Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty. Network equipment manufacturers all have guidelines stating that warranty support on their products will not be affected.
A Seamless Migration Path from Duplex 10G to 40G

Upgrade 10G to 40G without changing duplex multimode fiber cabling infrastructure.

Leading Performance and Quality for 40G
Built-in Macom Chip, the QSFP+ transceiver offers high-speed, and low-power in 40G links.
Macom Chip
Stable Transmission
Low Power Consumption
SMF/MMF Application
Tested in Host Devices for Proven Interoperability
Every unit is quality tested for compatibility in the targeted switch environment, which guarantees flawless operations.
Comprehensive Testing Increases Reliability
Qualified through a rigorous process with advanced equipments to ensure you get the high quality and reliable optics.
Optical Spectrum Test
1271nm,1291nm, 1311nm,1331nm
Eye Pattern Test
Mask Margin >20%
Bit Error Rate Test
BER 1E-12
Temperature Test
Enable Seamless Connectivity for Your Network

Reconfiguring the transceiver to work with different brands, FS BOX offers flexibility in stock costs.

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28 Jul 2020
Very happy with the modules and services offered by FS.com. I ordered QSFP+ modules to fit for my computing networks. They can receive and forward without frame loss. Customer service was excellent, I had queries to the technical team about what I was ordering and to the sales team about the delivery, each time the response was helpful, accurate and professional.
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United States

2 Jun 2020
We always have a wonderful shopping experience here. We were looking for some 40G transceivers with low power consumption of less than 4.5W for our Cisco ASR 9000 Series switches. Then our Account Manager gave us a quick response and recommended the QSFP+ UNIV and QSFP+ SR modules. Considering the existing LC cables we have, we chose the first solution and ordered twenty QSFP+ UNIV transceivers. We were happy they came without breakage. FS always does a good job of packaging and delivery. We plug them into our switches and they are recognized immediately. As they are supposed to be, they are plug and play as well as fully functional in our Cisco switches. No compatibility problems so far. They have worked flawlessly and operated at a full speed, no packet loss or interface issues or anything like that. Much thanks to FS!
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19 May 2020
This isn’t the first time I've ordered fiber optic products here. The services they provided were out of my expectations every time. All FS guys were very enthusiastic, professional and gave me a quick response to every problem I encountered. Also the modules can work flawlessly with my Cisco gear. Five stars!
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Helpful 12
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