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Purchase Order

Apply for a Credit Account to establish long term business relations with us,
make your purchases easier and help manage your budget.

  • What is a Purchase Order?
  • How to place Purchase Order
  • Apply for Purchase Order
  • Pay for Purchase Order
  • Terms of PO Orders

Purchase Order - A Good Choice for Your Business

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document between purchasers and suppliers. It should define every single detail of the purchase, such as quantities, agreed prices, delivery date, and so on. Under agreed payment terms & conditions, purchase orders from purchasers are accepted by suppliers and allow purchasers to buy and receive products or services without immediate payment.
FS now offers standard Net 30 term for purchase orders to approved businesses. Other payment terms such as Net 15, Net 45, etc., are also available per your business requests.

Better budgeting & internal control

Companies can manage their budget better by delaying cash outflows. A purchase order can help businesses to understand costs, proactively run projects and meet their financial obligations.

Improved efficiency & accuracy

Purchase order systems make the purchasing process more efficient, and allow for a better shopping experience, faster delivery and security of payment.

Enhanced approval process

FS has a multi-step approval process of purchase orders. The effective usage of a PO provides a gateway to new opportunities to enhance your business operation. A PO can be a vital component to a successful business.

Who qualifies?

A purchase order mainly works for commercial sales in which the company has solid commercial credit in purchasing, such as schools, governments and fortune 500 companies, etc.

How Does a Purchase Order Work?

The option to pay via purchase order will appear at check out once a credit account, such as Net 30, has been approved. Whether you make a purchase online or offline, the Net 30 credit account allows you to complete purchase orders successfully. After submitting a purchase order, you will need to remit the payment for the order within 30 days after shipping.

Place a Purchase Order Online

Simply create a purchase order, choose purchase order payment at checkout, and wait for the delivery of your order.

-- Steps

1. Sign in to your FS account and add the products you need into the shopping basket.

2. When you check out, choose the “Purchase Order” payment method for the order.

3. Upload your PO form and fill out the PO number for our review.

4. We will then process your PO accordingly.

Place a Purchase Order Offline

Offline purchase order is an available option if you do not wish to place your order online. Please make sure all the details are correct regarding your order, then send it to your assigned account manager who will assist you with the process.

-- Steps

1. Make sure all the details on the form are listed correctly regarding your purchase, such as products, quantities and prices.

2. Send your PO form to your account manager to review.

3. Your account manager will confirm your PO and send the purchase invoice back to you.

4. We will then process your PO accordingly.

Apply for Net 30 to Your Checkout for a Purchase Order

The Net 30 is our standard payment term for purchase orders. FS can also provide other payment terms, such as Net 15, Net 45, etc. You can contact your account manager for more details.
Please make sure that the email addresses of your approved Net 30 account and your FS account are the same. If not, please contact your account manager to associate your two accounts to ensure we have your correct contact details. This allows our website to support your purchase order and process it successfully from either of the linked accounts.

-- Steps to Apply

1. Apply for the Net 30 account by contacting your account manager or email to or call to +44 (0) 121 493 9958.

2. Download credit application form, provide credit reference and at least three Net 30 trade references with other companies.

3. Submit the information to FS and wait for the approved credit account.

4. Start purchasing now with your Net 30 credit account.

The Easier Way to Get Your Purchase Order Paid

All amounts of purchase orders placed on FS shall be due and paid within term days (e.g. 30 days) after shipping. FS can support different payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, etc. For more payment method details, you can visit our Payment Methods or contact your account manager for help.

Terms of PO Orders

All PO orders must be paid within the due date. Failure to pay will affect customers credit limit and cause interest.

About Deferred Payment

If the purchaser has a reason of force majeure and informed FS in written notice before due date, the payment can be deferred to 15 calendar days after the due date.

If the purchaser fails to make any payment within 15 calendar days after due date without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the FS, FS shall limit the purchaser's credit and be entitled to charge purchaser interest at the rate of one percent (1%) per month above base rate from time to time, until payment in full is made (a part of a month being treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating interest).

About Orders Which an After-sales Issue Is Arised

After the purchaser receives the goods, if an after-sales issue is caused by FS, the purchaser is allowed to suspend the payment until the purchaser receives the repaired or replaced product.

If the after-sales issue is caused by the purchaser, the purchaser cannot refuse to pay for the order.

About Canceling the Order

If a purchase order is to be canceled, please inform your account manager in advance in written notice. FS will audit, give you feedback, and instruct you on the cancellation process.

If the order cancellation is caused by FS (for example defect or wrong products received), the purchaser is allowed to cancel the order.

If the order cancellation is caused by the purchaser, and the purchaser has not formally stated and negotiated with FS in advance, the order cannot be canceled.

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