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Test Assured Program

To ensure high compatibility with FS intelligent
quality control system and test bed.

Standard Optics Testing

The production of transceiver optics is taking place according to the respective current MSA standard. All modules, DACs and AOCs also meet the most important standards and norms for electronic products. The continuous control of product quality before, during and after the manufacturing process is the top priority. Each produced batch is scheduled with standardized quality assurance procedures and the production process is constantly monitored and supervised.

  • Fs TAP_testing_pic01.jpg
  • Fs TAP_testing_pic02.jpg

Our Advantages

Wide Compatibility

100% compatible with all major
vendors and systems

Large Stock

Large stock of optics
for same-day shipping

Rigorous Testing Standards

Every single optic is tested
individually in our test center

Qualified Service

We insist on responsive and
knowledgeable service to each customer

Test Assured Program

We truly understand the value of compatibility and interoperability to each optics and the necessity of test assured program. In our test center, we care of every detail from staff to facilities—professionally trained staff, advanced test facilities and comprehensive original-brand switches, to ensure our customers to receiver the optics with superior quality.

Our Test Center

Few third party products provider can offer 100% compatible modules while FS can. Only when quality and 100% compatibility is verified and proved do our modules enter the market. This depends on FS test center which is supported by a variety of mainstream original brand switches and professional staff. We are proud of this test center and believe all of these devices worth the investments, because it brings the best to our customers.

Fiberstore test_photo03.jpg

Our Optics Test Show


  • Cisco
  • Brocade
  • DELL & Mellanox
  • Juniper
  • HP
  • Others
  • Fs cisco_7604.jpg

    cisco 7604

  • Fs N7K-M132XP-12.jpg


  • Fs 12_03.jpg


  • Fs Cisco_WS-C6506-E_VS-S720-10G-3C.jpg

    Cisco WS-C6506-E VS-S720-10G-3C

  • Fs Cisco_WS-C6506-E_WS-6724-SFP.jpg

    Cisco WS-C6506-E WS-6724-SFP

  • Fs 4_03.jpg

    ASR9000 A9K-8T/4-L

  • Fs 11_03.jpg


  • Fs N7K-M102CF-22L.jpg


  • Fs N7K-M148GS-11L.jpg


  • Fs 1_03.jpg

    Cisco 9396PX

  • Fs Cisco 7604-LX.jpg

    Cisco 7604-LX

  • Fs Cisco 3900 SERIES.jpg

    Cisco 3900 SERIES

  • Fs Catalyst 4948E-F.jpg

    Catalyst 4948E-F

  • Fs SR2024.jpg


  • Fs Cisco_MDS_9148.jpg

    Cisco MDS 9148

  • Fs Cisco_ESW_540.jpg

    Cisco ESW 540

  • Fs Cisco_MDS_9124.jpg

    Cisco MDS 9124

  • Fs Cisco_Catalyst_Express_500.jpg

    Cisco Catalyst Express 500

  • Fs A9K-MPA-1X40GE.jpg


  • Fs A9K-MPA-8X10GE.jpg


  • Fs A9K-MPA-20X1GE.jpg


  • Fs Cisco 7604-SX.jpg

    Cisco 7604-SX

  • Fs Cisco 7604.jpg

    Cisco 7604

  • Fs CATALYST 4948-10GE.jpg

    CATALYST 4948-10GE/p>

  • Fs Cisco_Catalyst_3560-X.jpg

    Cisco Catalyst 3560-X

  • Fs Cisco_CATAL_YST_4948E.jpg

    Cisco CATAL YST 4948E

  • Fs Cisco_Catalyst_2960-X.jpg

    Cisco Catalyst 2960-X

  • Fs Cisco_Catalyst_4500-X.jpg

    Cisco Catalyst 4500-X

  • Fs Cisco-catalyst-4948E-F.jpg

    Cisco catalyst 4948E-F

  • Fs C3KX-NM-10G.jpg


  • Fs WS-C3750G-12S-S.jpg


  • Fs WS-C2960X-24TD-L.jpg


  • Fs WS-C4500X-16SFP+.jpg


  • Fs Cisco-MDS-9134.jpg

    Cisco MDS 9134

  • Fs Cisco-ME3400.jpg

    Cisco ME3400

  • Fs Cisco-WS-C2960G-48TC-L.jpg

    Cisco WS-C2960G-48TC-L

  • Fs Cisco_MDS_9222i.jpg

    Cisco MDS 9222i

  • Fs Cisco-N9K-1.jpg


  • Fs 1_03.jpg

    Brocade ICX 7750-260Q

  • Fs 7_03.jpg

    Brocade ICX 6450-24P

  • Fs 3_03.jpg

    Brocade FCX624S

  • Fs 4_03.jpg

    BI-RX-8 NI-MLX-10Gx4

  • Fs 5_03.jpg

    BI-RX-8 NI-MLX-10Gx8-D

  • Fs BI-RX-8.jpg


  • Fs 6_03.jpg

    Brocade 300

  • Fs VDX6720.jpg


  • Fs Brocade-5100.jpg

    Brocade 5100

  • Fs Brocade-BI-RX-8-NI-MLX-10GX8-D.jpg

    Brocade BI-RX-8 NI-MLX-10GX8-D

  • Fs Brocade-ICX-6610-48.jpg

    Brocade ICX 6610-48

  • Fs 8_03.jpg

    Brocade FI-SXI

  • Fs SX-424F.jpg


  • Fs SX-FI12GM-4-PREM.jpg


DELL & Mellanox
  • Fs 1_03.jpg


  • Fs Dell S50-01-GE-48T-AC-SX.jpg

    Dell S50-01-GE-48T-AC-SX

  • Fs Dell S60-44T-AC-R-SX.jpg

    Dell S60-44T-AC-R-SX

  • Fs 2_03.jpg


  • Fs Dell_powerconnect_5324.jpg

    Dell powerconnect 5324

  • Fs 6_03.jpg

    FORCE TM S60-44T

  • Fs 3_03.jpg

    DELL-Mellanox M3601QB

  • Fs DELL_ME-M3601Q_4OG.jpg

    DELL ME-M3601Q 4OG

  • Fs 5_03.jpg

    Dell Powerconnect 6224

  • Fs 4_03.jpg

    Dell powerconnect 3448

  • Fs 1_03.jpg


  • Fs Juniper-ACX1000_22.jpg

    Juniper ACX1000

  • Fs 4_03.jpg

    Juniper SRX210

  • Fs 5_03.jpg

    MX960 DPCE-R-4XGE

  • Fs 6_03.jpg

    MX960 MPC-3D-16XGE-SFPP

  • Fs 7_03.jpg

    MX960 MX-MPC3E-3D

  • Fs Juniper QFX3500.jpg

    Juniper QFX3500

  • Fs Juniper-EX-4300_POE.jpg

    Juniper EX 4300 POE

  • Fs Juniper-MX960-MIC-3D-2X40GE-QSFPP_22.jpg

    Juniper MX960 MIC-3D-2X40GE-QSFPP

  • Fs Juniper-QFX5100.jpg


  • Fs 1_03.jpg

    HP 5900AF JG510A

  • Fs 3_03.jpg

    HP 5900AF JC772A

  • Fs 4_03.jpg

    HP J8697A

  • Fs 5_03.jpg

    HP 2810-48G J9022A

  • Fs 6_03.jpg

    HP 1800-24G J9028B

  • Fs 7_03.jpg

    HP JG937A

  • Fs HP 5400R zl2 J9990A+J9996A.jpg

    HP 5400R zl2 J9990A+J9996A

  • Fs HP 5400R zl2 J9993A.jpg

    HP 5400R zl2 J9993A

  • Fs 9_03.jpg

    HP 2530-8G PoE+ Switch J9774A

  • Fs HP Quanta computer inc.jpg

    HP Quanta computer inc

  • Fs HP StorageWorks edge switch.jpg

    HP StorageWorks edge switch

  • Fs 8_03.jpg

    HP 2824 J4903A

  • Fs 10_03.jpg

    HP Procurve 2520G-8-PoE J9298A

  • Fs 1_03.jpg


  • Fs 5_03.jpg

    ARISTA DCS-7124S

  • Fs 2_03.jpg


  • Fs 3_03.jpg


  • Fs 6_03.jpg

    Netgear Prosafe XS712T

  • Fs 4_03.jpg

    3COM Switch 3848

  • Fs ARUBA Networks S2500-24P-4X10G POE.jpg

    ARUBA Networks S2500-24P-4X10G POE

  • Fs 8_03.jpg


  • Fs Extreme_networks_X670V.jpg

    Extreme networks X670V

  • Fs Extreme networks X670V VIM-40G4X.jpg

    Extreme networks X670V VIM-40G4X

  • Fs 1_03.jpg

    Extreme Networks-X670

  • Fs 2_03.jpg

    Extreme Networks-summitTM-200-48

  • Fs 14_03.jpg

    Allies Telesis AT-8000S

  • Fs BLADE_RackSwitch_G800.jpg

    BLADE RackSwitch G800

  • Fs Zone_Switch_4224.jpg

    Zone Switch 4224

  • Fs Avaya2526T.jpg


  • Fs Ciena 3930.jpg

    Ciena 3930

  • Fs F5 BIG-IP 8900 SERIES.jpg

    F5 BIG-IP 8900 SERIES

  • Fs Huawei S5720-32X-E1-AC.jpg

    Huawei S5720-32X-E1-AC

  • Fs IBM 2498-B24.jpg

    IBM 2498-B24

  • Fs Netgear prosafe XSM7224S.jpg

    Netgear prosafe XSM7224S

  • Fs ASUS GigaX 1116i.jpg

    ASUS GigaX 1116i

  • Fs Alcatel Lucent OMNI Switch 6850-48.jpg

    Alcatel Lucent OMNI Switch 6850-48

  • Fs Avaya VSP 7024XLS.jpg

    Avaya VSP 7024XLS

  • Fs Adtran NetVanta 1224ST.jpg

    Adtran NetVanta 1224ST

  • Fs 3COM SuperStack3 Switch 3848.jpg

    3COM SuperStack3 Switch 3848

  • Fs Alcatel Lucent OS6250-8M.jpg

    Alcatel Lucent OS6250-8M

  • Fs NØRTEL 5650TD-PWR-1.jpg

    NØRTEL 5650TD-PWR-1

  • Fs NØRTEL Baystack 5520-48T-PWR.jpg

    NØRTEL Baystack 5520-48T-PWR

  • Fs Ubiquiti Edgeswitch 48 750W.jpg

    Ubiquiti Edgeswitch 48 750W

  • Fs Avaya 4826GTS-PWR+.jpg

    Avaya 4826GTS-PWR+

  • Fs QLOGICTM SANbox® 5200.jpg

    QLOGICTM SANbox® 5200

  • Fs 13_03.jpg

    Alcatel Lucent Omnistack LS 6224U

  • Fs H3C_S10508-V.jpg

    H3C S10508-V

  • Fs 11_03.jpg

    D-Link DWS-3227

  • Fs 12_03.jpg

    SMC 6128L2

  • Fs 9_03.jpg

    Centre COM Allied Telesis 9424T-SP

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