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Flexibility, agility, and on-demand scalability have become of vital importance in metro DWDM networks with the emergence of 5G, cloud services, and 4k/8k video services. Based on the MS-WDM architecture, M6200 multi-service WDM solution can solve the problem of insufficient fiber resources and bandwidth at the metro edge, offering an efficient way for education, small and medium-sized enterprises, governments, operators and other industries.

What Is FS M6200 Multi-service WDM Platform?

FS M6200 series multi-service WDM solution delivers high integration, great quality and flexible optical transmission with reliable line protection, providing high network reliability and availability for the whole link with low power consumption.

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Up to 400G
DWDM Capacity
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Multiple Application
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for Simple O&M
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How FS M6200 Multi-service WDM Solution Solves Your Problem?

  • Expand Network Capacity
  • Upgrade Existing Network
  • Ensure Stable Transmission