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High Aggregation and Long-distance Transmission

The particularities of the optical transmission network determine that both the lines and equipment needed for the optical transmission network must have extremely high reliability. However, within the existing network, fiber damage, line interruption, equipment power failure, board failure, etc., seriously affect the stability of the transmission network. The intelligent optical protection system provided by FS ensures reliable access to the transmission network and can quickly restore damaged lines and effectively guarantee the stability of the transmission network.

This solution uses FS's optical line protection (OLP) system to monitor both the active and standby optical fibers in real-time, effectively avoiding the simultaneous blocking of both the active and standby routes. When a line interruption or a sudden large attenuation of the optical signal strength is detected, the system will automatically switch to the standby route to ensure smooth business.

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Key Application: Management Room

  • 3.5dB Typical Insertion Loss, AAWG Technology

  • 1% Monitor Port for Troubleshooting, 1310nm Port for Legacy Traffic

  • Protocol Transparent for Ethernet, FC, OTN, SONET/SDH, etc.


Key Application: Management Room

  • Fast Recovery, Less than 25ms

  • Latch Feature, Real-Time Power Monitoring

  • Revertive, Non-Revertive, or Manual Switching Modes


Key Application: Management Room

  • 3R (Re-amplify, Reshape, and Re-time) Optimizes Signal Quality

  • Support Fiber Mode Conversion and Wavelength Conversion

  • Support 100Mbps to 11.1Gbps Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, SDI, HD-SDI, CPRI, etc.


Key Application: Management Room

  • Dispersion Compensation Fiber(DCF) Technology

  • Completely Passive, Low Latency, Low Insertion Loss

  • Low Polarization Mode Dispersion ≤0.5ps


Key Application: Management Room

  • 16±5dB Variable Gain

  • Equipped with VOA, MON, OSC Ports

  • AGC and APC Operation Mode


Key Application: Management Room

  • 25±5dB Variable Gain, Gain Flattened

  • Equipped with VOA, MON, OSC Ports

  • AGC and APC Operation Modes


Key Application: Management Room

  • Support 15x MUX/DEMUX/EDFA/OEO/OLP/DCM Cards

  • Support 1+1 NMU Main Control Card Backup

  • Pluggable Fans and Dual Power Supply


High Reliability

  • Quick and effective monitoring of faults.

  • The active and standby links are quickly switched over to effectively ensure link stability.

Simple Operation

  • Automatic line switching ensures line stability without manual participation.

  • The management interface is visualized and easy to operate.

Lower Cost

  • The topology is simple and the construction costs are low.

  • The product function is stable and maintenance costs are low.

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