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Optical Transport Network Solution

FS.COM aims to make your OTN network more flexible, reliable and manageable with the least budget.

FS designs and enhances existing optical fiber optic networks through CWDM and DWDM based solutions over 10-years. As a leading communication systems integrator and optical solutions provider, FS Optical Transport Network (OTN) solutions are dedicated to providing the optimum level of integration and flexibility while addressing increased development costs and the time-to-market challenges inherent in complex transport applications.

Our Optical Transport Network Support Includes:

Network Design and Optimization

We offer a complimentary optical transmission design service based on customer's actual requirement. Solution can take into account the coordination between the third party equipment and our equipment, and form a complete and reliable system to meet immediate needs and can adapt to future ones.

Product Customization Service

FS optical transport solutions provide a product list to match the future proofing fiber and network requirements of every individual network task as well suggestions for spare parts. We devote to offering self-design, research&development and manufacturing innovative products based on different network environment.

Comprehensive Technical Support

To ensure the network is fully operational, FS provides remote diagnostic capabilities for easy maintenance and offers an installation support service where we help set up and configure equipment throughout the network. This is a service where higher speeds and longer distances are required in a DWDM platform.

Why FS Optical Transport Network solution?

Support All Distances

FS OTN solutions span across all range of distances, from short haul campus solutions to metro, to long haul, with optimal products for each distance. Our aim is to meet our customer's network expectations by designing the most quality and cost optimized network as possible.

Centralized Management

FS solution is designed to make optical networking as simple as possible. Our 1U/2U/4U chassis with MonitorOnline can support hierarchical topology view, remote management, network fault management and alarm, user administration and configuration of the devices in the network to centralize OTN network management.

Cost Reduction

FS OTN solution facilitates efficient use of DWDM capacity by ensuring consistent fill rates across a network using OTN switches at fiber junctions, and it will reduce solution cost and focus your internal resources on developing specific features to your product.

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Our Optical Transport Network Support Products

Fs Optical_Transport_Network_02.jpg


Network is becoming more critical as ever increasing fast and dense connectivity demands. It's high time to upgrade your IT infrastructure to be more reliable and secure.

Fs Optical_Transport_Network_03.jpg

DWDM Solution

DWDM system supports ultra long-haul transmission via a single fiber, coupled with DWDM MUX/DEMUX and OADM with speed protocols of up to 100G/200G per channel.

Fs Optical_Transport_Network_04.jpg

CWDM Solution

CWDM system utilizes advanced thin-film-filter technology designed for use with less expensive, non-temperature controlled lasers of MUX/DEMUX, OADM and CWDM transceivers.

Fs Optical_Transport_Network_05.jpg

OTN System

OTN integrates the benefits of SONET/SDH and DWDM to boost network scalability, which allows for transporting large quantities of data at high rates over great distance.

Fs Optical_Transport_Network_06_2.jpg

Fiber Cabling System

Fiber optic cabling including single mode and multimode fiber patch cables, bulk fiber cables and fiber accessories provides high bandwidth and long transmission distances.

Fs Optical_Transport_Network_07.jpg

Copper Cabling System

Copper cabling system has evolved to embrace new developments in copper cabling network, comprising of patch cables, trunk cables and cable management tools.

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Expand Your Network With FS Comprehensive Optical Transport Solutions

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To Get a Tailored OTN Solution

Fs wdm_solution_access_banner1212.jpg

WDM Solution for Data Center Interconnect

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Newly Released 40/100G Optical Transport Solutions

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