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Brush Strip Horizontal Cable Manager for Server Racks

1U Brush Strip Horizontal Cable Manager for Server Racks

FS Official 2018-07-11

There are various choices of cable managers when it comes to cable management for server racks and cabinets. Among that, horizontal cable manager is an essential component for rack cable management.

Brush strip horizontal cable manager is made of refined metal and comes in different heights like 1U and 2U. This video gives an overview of the installation and operation of the 1U brush strip horizontal cable manager. Compared with original 1U plastic single sided horizontal cable manager with finger duct, it is a flat panel greatly saving the steel. The horizontal cable manager is designed to be mounted on any 19in EIA style rack or cabinet and features built-in brush that allows passage of up to 25 cables while blocking airflow. It comes with high-density nylon brush separating and organizing cables that increases overall air flow within your network cabinet while improves the efficiency of your cooling system by covering unused rack space. The sturdy steel structure and black powder coat presents durability, resists corrosion, and keeps your rack looking smooth and professional.

FS also provides various horizontal cable managers like the cable manager with End-rings, cable manager with finger duct as well as the multifunctional one—fibre patch panel with cable management panel and lacing bar.

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