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Project Overview

With the soaring of the current business, the telecom carrier needs to expand its current network. They need a solution to connect two data centers located in different cities. But both fiber resources and onsite support are limited, with only two-core fibers available. So the network needs to be capable, and easy for operating and maintaining.

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Business Requirement

1. Link transmission distance is 100km;

2. 8*10G services are required and need to be expanded in the future;

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Fiber Condition

G.652 fiber was settled in this project, and the main wavelength is 1550nm.

M6200 Platform Solution

The M6200 series platform is an integrated solution, providing 10G DWDM long-haul service. The system allows a maximum capacity of 400G. It's equipped with a GUI management system that can easily manage the whole network, providing customers with one-stop solutions for optical communications

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  • Features
  • Applications
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    Multi-service, Multi-rate

    Access to 100Mbps to 11.1Gbps multi-rate service.

    Support SDH, SONET, CPRI, OTN, Ethernet SAN.

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    High System Reliability

    Support 1+1 backup of control card and power card.

    Provides optical layer and electrical layer network protection.

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    Intelligent Monitoring

    Remote outband OSC management.

    Quickly view basic information, status, operation logs of network

    Monitoring and auto alarm on both client and line sides.

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    Fast Deployment and Easy Maintenance

    Easy installation of software for fast cloud deployment.

    High integrated platform, services cards support hot-swapping.

    B/S based intelligent network management interface provides flexible maintenance.

  • M6200 platform is mainly used for the metropolitan area transmission of telecom carriers and private networks, access OTN convergence, remote access for long-distance transmission networks.

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Design Details

This solution uses a 40CH DWDM transmission system to realize up to 40*10G services. The EDFA and DCM cards provide power compensation and dispersion compensation for long-distance transmission.

Management Advantages

Open northbound interfaces like SNMP, CORBA, XML, FTP and TL1 to

Console, Telnet/ssh, SNMP network management with favorable

Unified management of cross-domain equipment, network layer and

Efficient service management, monitoring bring great user experience

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Technical Advantages

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Fast Response

The equipment configuration is simple, system can be configurated and maintained remotely after one-time onsite deployment to achieve end-to-end business opening.

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Low Latency

Simplified network structure reduces the time for data transmission, meets the basic needs in real-time business, application intelligence, security, and privacy protection.

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Easy Scalability

Service can be expanded to 40 channels on a single fiber link without changing the existing DWDM infrastructure and/or rack space needed within the data center.

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High Link Stability

ONE IP management method, supporting one-click inspection, backup of the main control card of the branch board to improve stability for the link.

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