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FS S-Series Ethernet Switches

S-Series Switches (including S5800/S5850/S8050) support advanced features like MLAG to make the
network more flexible, secure and reliable.

Using MLAG in S-Series Switches

MLAG (Multichassis Link Aggregation Group) allows two switches to be interconnected through link aggregation, and act as one logical switch, which helps you to
scale network without changing topology.

Flexibility and Security

Increase bandwidth and provide redundancy in emergent breakdown.

High Reliablity Protocol

Improve link reliability from the board level to the device level.

Efficient to Deploy

Simplify networking and configuration, and support independent upgrade.

How to Configure MLAG

MLAG networking enables more virtual switches to simultaneously share the same LAG endpoint. And there are three parts in this video showing the
configuration of MLAG, the verification and the port-mirror in MLAG.

High Performance S-Series Switches


L2/L3 Data Center ToR/Leaf Switch

Designed for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure



L2/L3 Data Center ToR/Leaf Switch

48 x 10GBase-T ports and 4 x 40GbE uplinks

Support MLAG, VXLAN, IPv4/IPv6, SNMP


Spine/Aggregation Layer Switch

20 x 40GbE QSFP+ and 4 x 100GbE QSFP28


S-Series Switches Performance Validation

S-Series switches are valid for the IETF RFC2544 standard, which provides an out-of-service benchmarking methodology to evaluate the performance of network
devices using throughput, back-to-back, frame loss and latency tests, with each validating a specific part of SLA. The throughput test determines how well suited
a device is to applications in which minimal frame loss is critical.

of Passed Trials
Load (%)
Load (%)
Aggregated Throughput (fps) Aggregated Theoretical Max (fps) Aggregated Throughput (Mbps) Aggregated Theoretical Max (Mbps)
1 1 64 100 100 100 5952381 5952380.952 4000 4000
1 1 128 100 100 100 3378378.4 3378378.378 4000 4000
1 1 256 100 100 100 1811594.267 1811594.203 4000 4000
1 1 512 100 100 100 939849.667 939849.624 4000 4000
1 1 1024 100 100 100 478927.267 478927.203 4000 4000
1 1 1280 100 100 100 384615.4 384615.385 4000 4000
1 1 1518 100 100 100 325097.533 325097.529 4000 4000

MLAG Implementation Solution

ERPS+ MLAG make the network topology simpler, the convergence faster, and the network more reliable. Compared with the Spanning Tree Protocol, ERPS
provides faster convergence and meets carrier-grade applications. As a virtualization technology, MLAG provides a Layer 2 topology without loops for redundant
backup, which greatly simplifies the networking and has higher reliability. S5800/S5850/S8050 Series Switches are the best choice.

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