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PicOS® for Multi-Branch Network Solution

Streamline branch network with unified management and automated deployment

PicOS® and AmpCon™ for Multi-Branch Network

FS utilizes PicOS® switches and the AmpCon™ unified management platform to build a multi-branch network for campus solution, enabling remote deployment and automated management. It delivers a high-performance, easy-to-manage, and secure enterprise network, simplifying operations and reducing overall opex.

Broadcom Chip

Broadcom chip-based switches suit diverse networks. Unified chip architecture eases management while offering high-speed data transfer, low latency and high throughput.

PicOS® Operating System

PicOS® eliminates single-supplier dependency on critical networking infrastructure to deliver a more resilient, programmable, and scalable networking operating system (NOS) at a lower TCO.

AmpCon™ Automated Management Platform

AmpCon™ empowers data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor, manage, and preventatively troubleshoot and maintain their data center fabric.

Product List

AmpCon™ Management Platform


PicOS Enterprise Switches











Cameras & Surveillance



Optical Transceiver Modules



Fiber Patch Cables



Copper Patch Cord


More Resilient & Efficient Network Operations at a Lower TCO

With PicOS®, deliver highly resilient, highly reliable, programmable networks that are leaner and more scalable than their monolithic predecessors.

Full Backward Compatibility

Backward compatible and seamlessly integrates with other switches. Upgrade the network step by step on budget.

Hardened Network Security

Tightly integrated with Network Access Control Policy Manager to support comprehensive security mechanisms.


Network information is readily available from PicOS® Software Switches.

Network Visibility

Gain full network visibility with SNMP and sFlow while gNMI delivers efficient and effective open telemetry.

Automate End-to-End Network Lifecycle Management

Prevent misconfigurations and downtime with end-to-end networking lifecycle management, complete with automated provisioning, maintenance, compliance checking, and upgrades.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Scale easily and securely from anywhere with automated provisioning and policy enforcement.

Configuration Management

Push updates, patches, and bug fixes to a single or group of switches to save labor, prevent downtime.

Backups & Compliance

Automate configuration backups, operation logs, and compliance checks against a “golden config” with intelligent rollback to minimize errors.

Switch Visibility

Provides detailed inventory of all switches, including hardware details, software version, configuration and more.

Agentless Automation

Write Ansible Playbooks to create and schedule customized workflows with easy-to-read reports.

PicOS-V Pre-configuration

AmpCon™ can be pre-configured with PicOS-V in virtualization scenario and then moved to the data center.

Explore the Benefits of FS Multi-Branch Network

  • Standardize Operating System

    The switches all run the PicOS® operating system, enabling faster feature development, improved high availability, and consistent feature deployment across the campus network.

  • Unified Management Platform

    AmpCon™ offers template-based configuration, enabling ZTP, batch license management & upgrades. Paired with PicOS-V for pre-configuration simplifies branch network operations.

  • Network Redundancy

    Redundant interconnection architecture ensures seamless network operation even in case of link or device issues, enhancing stability and reliability.

  • Advanced Network Security

    Each product supports multiple security protocols. Switches support SSH, ACL, 802.1X, firewalls support IPS, AV, URL filtering, while APs support WPA3, WIDS.

  • Custom R&D Service

    Our R&D center conducts research, design, and analytical testing, developing standardized products and solutions tailored to market needs, ensuring reliability through thorough testing and POC verification.

  • Same-day Shipping

    With over 50,000㎡ of global warehouse spaces equipped with automated management systems, FS guarantees 90% of orders for same-day shipping and supports self-pickup.


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