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"41496" is no longer available online, but still supported by FS. For more details, please refer to the End of Sale Policy.
The similar product is recommended as below for your reference.
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    Customized LC/SC/FC/ST/LSH/MU OS2 Duplex Fiber Patch Cable #50147

    1/10/40/100/400G Networks

    Offered in PVC/LSZH/OFNP Flame-retardant Jacket

    Available in Standard LC/SC/FC/ST/LSH/MU Connectors

    Grade A Precision Zirconia Ferrule Connectors Ensure Low Loss

    Easy Polarity Management with LC/SC Duplex Clips

    US$ 4.70

    CustomizedInternational Product

    Get It By Mon. Jun. 20

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