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How does this AP achieve 6,817 Mbps speeds if it only has 1G Ethernet ports? Don't WiFi 6 APs need 2.5G or 5G Ethernet ports to sustain their rated speeds?

By J***e on 01/27/2021

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  • Hello 1. Transmission rate The maximum access rate of the whole machine is 6.817Gbps Radio1: 2.4G 1.15Gbps Radio2: 5G 0.867Gbps Radio3: 5G 4.8Gbps 2. 4.8Gbps refers to a negotiation rate of the terminal, not the actual bandwidth rate, the terminal negotiates to a negotiation rate of 4.8G, the actual maximum bandwidth of the user is around 1.8G, and will not exceed the performance bottleneck of the device, the three ports of the device can be aggregated, the wired throughput can reach a maximum of 3G throughput, and the negotiation of 4.8G above the parameters refers to the negotiation of wireless users. Negotiation to 4.8G terminal requires 4 streams of AX terminal to negotiate to this rate, and negotiation to 4.8G rate terminal, the actual background test terminal bandwidth is basically around 1.8G, 6.8G is the negotiation rate, and the actual bandwidth is not the same, the transmission rate refers to a negotiation rate of the terminal, and not the actual bandwidth of the terminal run, the wireless transmission rate due to and wireless The wireless transmission rate is limited by the wireless environment and the performance of the terminal, and the actual user bandwidth into a ratio of about 1/2-1/3. Thank you! By B***g on 01/28/2021
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