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Data Centre

Compatible Optical Transceiver Solution

FS Compatible Optical Transceiver Solution

FS Official Jun 25, 2018

OEM companies consume too much of your IT budget by adding significant markup on fiber optic transceivers just for the brand name. The original brand name transceiver guarantees the high quality and good performance, of course, followed by the whopping price. Even worse than being short of budget is that products are out of stock. Given this, people have no choice but to turn to third-party transceivers. However, some may suspect that the third-party transceivers are not compatible with original transceivers or original switches as the low price is always accompanied by bad quality.

There is no need to worry as FS provides a comprehensive series of transceivers that perform just as well or even better than original transceivers at a much more reasonable price! With no transceiver compatibility problem, fiber optic transceivers support link with many well-known brands such as Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Netgear and H3C. Besides, FS can offer a full set of solutions for building new data centers. When you choose FS optical transceivers, you can enjoy online chat services and technical support in all time zones, and same-day shipping or pick up services from our global warehouses, such as in Germany and in the USA. More features can be expected in the future.

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