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Intelligent Networking Helps to Grow Your Business
Build a future-ready network with higher bandwidth and lower latency, for enterprise, data center and technical companies.
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Modernize Your Network to Give You Peace of Mind
Networking is the backbone of facilitating organizational communications. With extremely agile and incorporating networking products, FS can meet your various demands of modern workloads.
Keep Things Simple
Advanced networking software makes your network visible and automated, professional technical engineers offer you the most suitable network solutions.
Connected Security
By using simple management tools, users can view health insights of clients, networks, and applications to get continuous network monitoring.
Better Networking Starts Here
Modernize your network with high-tech products to meet your demands dynamically. Whatever your networking needs may be, we’ve got you covered.
Find What You're Looking for
Build future-proof campus networks.
Simplified management, high reliability and service intelligence.
Purpose-built for enterprises, governments, education, finance, and manufacturing.
Designed to support data and storage for mission critical applications.
Industry-leading automation, programmability, and real-time visibility.
For large enterprises and cloud providers who rely heavily on virtualization.
Wi-Fi access points and controllers for seamless connectivity and mobility.
Simple, fast, reliable and secure.
Boost IT, user, and IoT experiences with enterprise connectivity.
Servers can modernize your infrastructure and power your systems to work together and independently.
Simplify systems management, streamline infrastructure.
Applications in virtualization, big data, analytics and cloud computing.
Optimizes the flow of traffic between TAP and SPAN connections and network monitoring.
Enhance the efficiency of traffic collection, reducing invalid traffic.
In very high bandwidth port monitoring and analysis scenarios.
Power System offer you reliable, flexible and easy-to-deploy power distribution.
Flexibly expanded, reliable distribution and branch circuit protection.
Designed for medium and large-sized data centers.
Extend your wired networks to remote locations at extreme distances, for maximum network scalability.
Agility, flexibility and simplicity.
Integrate into existing network infrastructures.
Make communication and collaboration more efficient and enjoyable.
User-friendly, fast deployment speed, easy setup.
Meeting rooms in the business world.
Boost safety and security with video surveillance IP cameras.
Efficient network utilization and high-quality video.
Home or business security deployment.
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