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FHX Ultra HD Cabling System 

Data Center Structured Cabling 


DC Cabling Solution Team
DCI Engineers
with CCIE/HCIE Certification

Free Project Support

Metro WDM System

FMT Multi-service Platform

Management System

Flexible Ring Architecture for 

Robust and Large-Scale

Optical Transport

OTN Solution Team
Senior Telecommunication

Free Project Support

In-Building Wireless

Power Over Ethernet

Netwoking & Security

Enterprise Networks Solutions

Building a Modern-Day SMB 


Enterprise Solution Team
Network Engineers
with CCIE/HCIE Certification

Free Project Support

Multi-brand Compatibility

Coded & Tested In-house

Design Consistency

FS Box - Data Centre Tool Kit



Optics Solution Team
Senior Hardware Design

OEM & Custom Excellent quality & service to satisfy all your requirements.
FS.COM - Your quality choice for custom solution designs and OEM manufacturing
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As a full service provider of network and connectivity products, FS.COM focuses on customer driven solutions and support. We can work with your pre-existing designs as an outsourced manufacturing partner, or assist you with rapidly deploying optical networking solutions.

Any Product
Any Size
Any Type
Any Color
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    Custom Cable Assemblies

    As a global supplier of custom-made cable products, we offer a full line of fiber optic assemblies.

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    Custom Transceiver Modules

    24/7 customer service help guide you through the maze of transceiver footprints, hardware specifications and compatibility options.

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    Custom Patching Enclosures

    There are many kinds of options allowing you to customize your first layer cabling infrastructure to your unique business needs.

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FS.COM offers access to a huge bulk of networking and optical fiber products, and with a highly experienced technical team and the support of our Multi-Warehouse Inventory System, FS.COM is able to provide you with the optimal solution design and immediate shipping service. If you can not find what you are looking for, you can request a quote directly online through different quote entries or contact us via below contact information, we are always happy to help you in any way we can.

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    Lifetime Replacement
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