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Data Centre

Cable Manager for 1U Horizontal Cable Management

1U Horizontal/Vertical Cable Manager With End Rings

FS Official 12 Oct, 2018

Engineers always have to face horizontal or vertical cable management in equipment rooms, labs, especial high-density data centres. To achieve good cable management, high quality cable management tools are essential. This video introduces 1U horizontal cable manager with end rings.

Horizontal cable managers can be found with different types in the market, including simple bars and trays as well as rings and fingers. Unlike other cable managers, this one can be used for both horizontal and vertical cable management simultaneously. Designed with the rings on front and two ends, this 1U cable manager have great cable capacities to accommodate copper cables like Cat5e, Cat6/6a and Cat7. It offers easy moves, adds and changes to connections. This metal cable manager can help users realize structured 1u cable management in racks and data centres simply and efficiently.

The 1U horizontal/vertical cable manager is an economical cable management solution. It delivers a complete vertical and horizontal pathway for premise cabling and patch cords on rack systems. Except this cable manager, FS also provide other useful cable management equipment to meet future cabling growth and demands, such as fibre patch panel, fibre enclosure, Ethernet patch panel to organize fibre patch lead and copper cable.

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