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AmpCon™ Makes Management Easy

The AmpCon™ platform is a network manager that automates Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), deployment, and lifecycle management for PicOS® software switches. Its simple web-based UI simplifies common workflows, minimizing downtime and manual interventions, thereby enabling scalable orchestration and management of highly-available networks.

Find out how easily it is to manage, monitor, and maintain your PicOS® network solution with a trial of AmpCon™ platform.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

AmpCon™ greatly simplifies the installation and configuration process with its Push-Button deployment feature, allowing non-technical employees to easily deploy hundreds or even thousands of PicOS® switches using simple GUI-based commands through AmpCon™’s Quick-Start Mode.

Real-Time Monitoring

The AmpCon™ platform features robust graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for monitoring network performance and conditions, with the capability to store monitoring data in either an on-premises or cloud-based database for further analysis.

  • Rich Web-based GUI

  • System Validation

  • Network Performance Tests

  • Switch Visibility

Automated Life Cycle Management

AmpCon™ supports preventing misconfigurations and downtime with end-to-end networking lifecycle management and automated provisioning, maintenance, compliance checking, and upgrades.

  • Automated Configuration

    Push updates, patches, and bug fixes to a single or group of switches to save labor, prevent downtime, and maintain network security.

  • Scheduled Software Upgrades

    AmpCon™ makes it easy and error free to upgrade your switches to the latest PicOS® version.

  • Backups & Compliance

    Automate configuration backups, logs and compliance checks against a “golden config” with smart rollback to minimize errors.

  • Agentless Automation

    Write Ansible Playbooks to create and schedule customized workflows with easy-to-read reports.

AmpCon Automation
Zero-touch provisioning
4-5 days
1.5 days
Custom workflow
7 hours
20 minutes
Upgrade software
1-2 days
Overnight, in background
Config update
7 hours
20 minutes
Daily compliance check
1 full time engineer
Automated, exception reporting
* Time savings for a block of 100 switches

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