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The development of autonomous driving systems demands a large amount of data collection and data processing requiring significant computational resources throughout the workflow. This presents challenges including the need for integrated full-stack HPC solutions, long-term capital investment planning, stability of computing power, infrastructure development services, and comprehensive operation and maintenance.

Deploy HPC Network for Autonomous Driving

FS provides a range of tailored hardware, easy-to-deploy application and management software, and end-to-end services for HPC network solutions. With this, businesses can respond to customers instantly, run networks with maximum efficiency and safety, and bring innovation in autonomous driving.

Explore the Benefits of FS HPC Network

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Standardize Operating System

The switch runs the PicOS® operating system, which accelerates feature development, enhances high availability, and ensures consistent deployment of features across the data center network.

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Unified Management Platform

AmpCon™ enables unified configuration, monitoring and maintenance of data center networks, thereby eliminating costly downtime and time-consuming manual tasks.

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Cost-effective Solution

FS offers original products to ensure quality. With a global supply chain, FS delivers solutions that cut costs by 30% through its rich product ecosystem.

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Solution Design & Implementation

FS solution architects and service delivery teams provide with expertise and insight, help customers quickly complete analysis and evaluation, planning and design, installation and deployment.

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On-site Service

FS offers fast and reliable on-demand field support services in the US, Europe, and Singapore, including on-site surveys, installation, and troubleshooting, etc., helping customers reduce costs.

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Same-day Shipping

With over 50,000㎡ of global warehouse space equipped with automated management systems, FS guarantees 90% of orders for same-day shipping and supports self-pickup.

Network Management Platform

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AmpCon™ Management Platform

A unified management platform automates ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning), deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management for PicOS® software switches, enabling the remote deployment of 1,000 switches.

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PicOS-V Virtual Operating System

A free virtual machine (VM) that is identical to PicOS® software offers all features, allowing users to verify PicOS® configurations and test L2 and L3 functionalities on a hypervisor at no cost.

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Network Infrastructure

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RS5220 GPU Server

A high-performance computing server built on Intel® Xeon® scalable processors delivers massive computing power and can be customized for different application scenarios.

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PicOS® Data Center Switch

PicOS® switches, featuring 32 QSFP28 ports, offer line-rate L3 switching, complete SDN capabilities, and compatibility with the AmpCon™ management platform, deployable as TOR or spine switches.

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Bare Metal Switch

A bare metal switch with 32 QSFP28 and 2 SFP+ ports offers high-density availability, which supports PicOS® and SONiC OS, and features the AmpCon™ controller for centralized ZTP and management.

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The next-generation firewall offers high security performance, scalability on demand, comprehensive advanced threat detection and prevention, and smart, automated policy operations.

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Delivers high-performance and NVIDIA In-Network Computing acceleration engines for maximizing efficiency in HPC, cloud, hyperscale, and storage platforms.

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Designed to provide broad interoperability, critical performance optimisations, and increased agility for communications, cloud, and enterprise IT network solutions.

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