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10G OTN with Multi-port and Multi-service Access
Meet the performance demands of access and aggregation networks with tuneable pluggable optics and environmentally hardened DWDM platforms.
High-reliability Network Protection
Redundant backup of transmission resources realizes fault protection for transmission equipment, links, channels, etc., thus achieving high network reliability.
Comprehensive Service Access Capability
The port supports rate adaptation and can be flexibly accessed with multipul signals, such as E1, STM-1/4/16/64, OC-3/12/48/192, FE/GE, FC1/2/4/8G, etc.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Extremely low operating costs, best-in-class low power consumption and efficient traffic management, as well as a simple, modular and scalable architecture.
Uniform cross connection
Packet switching capacity up to 280Gbit/s,ODUk cross-connect capacity up to 210Gbit/s.
OTN, PTN, and SDH all in one
Support three different service types including OTN, PTN and SDH.
Smooth network evolution
Seamless connection with the upper network to implement smooth network evolution.
Multi-level cross connection
Support VC4/VC12/VC3 level cross connection.
Inter-card protection
Intra-card and inter-card interface protection, linear multiplexing section protection and SNCP.
Recovery clock sources
Support 2 line-side recovery clock sources, SSM information processing, clock source recovery and selection.
3-in-1 technology convergence
Featuring MS-OTN architecture, unified service bearing, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
High crossover capacity
Featured with 3 different switching fabrics including ODUK:210G,PKT:280G,SDH: 40G H/10G L.
Intelligent proactive O&M
Real-time visualization of resources, agile service provisioning, and automatic network operations.
Full-service flexible access of 2M~10G to meet the needs of multi-service interconnection;
Rigid pipeline isolation, improving the safety and reliability of the business;
Provide redundant backup of OLP, power supply, network management card, etc. to improve system reliability;
The service layer supports protection configurations such as SNCP and OCP, and the protection switching delay is less than 50ms;
Form a ring network to realize hand-in-hand protection of trunk lines;
Easy to open, operate and maintain, support real-time monitoring and online optimization of optical layer performance and real-time control of network performance.