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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over US$79

Convenient Management

  • FS can query and analyze various data through unified operation and maintenance of educational administration systems, virtual classrooms, etc., thereby greatly reducing the time of locating faults.

More Security, Less Hiden Danger

  • FS can provide Multi-type Cameras with clear image and face recognition function to prevent criminals invading and strangers intrusion, and create a secure environment for students to study.

Protect Against Various Cyber Threats

  • Schools are facing ever-evolving cyber-security threats, such as malicious tampering, DDoS attack. We are professional enough to help you solve these problems and build a secure campus network.

Smaller Budgets and More Stability

  • Schools need secure environments, while the security of your school depends on a stable network and reliable products. FS can help you to achieve that without exceeding budgets.