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This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.
This picture is about C8SFTPSGPVC.

5ft (1.5m) Cat8 Snagless Shielded (S/FTP) PVC CM Ethernet Network Patch Cable, Off-White


Pure Bare Copper PoE++ 2000MHz

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Cat8 Snagless Shielded (S/FTP) Ethernet Network Patch Cable, 28AWG, 25/40GBase-T

Cat8 network patch cable is the cost-effective solution for indoor data center applications, supporting up to 25/40GBase-T and 2000MHz within 30 meters of cable. And it is fully backward compatible with all the previous categories.
The FS cat8 patch cables conductor apply Pure Bare Copper with high electrical conductivity and low signal transmission attenuation. The sheath material is new environmentally friendly material PVC CM, which is durable, flame-retardant, resistant to bending.

Cable Type
Cat8 Snagless
Shielding Type
Shielded (S/FTP)
Cable Jacket
PVC CM (Round)
5ft (1.5m) (Including Plugs)
Conductor Material
Pure Bare Copper
Conductor Type
Data Rate Support
Maximum (Tested) Frequency
Gauge (AWG)
28 (7/0.12mm)
Cable Outer Diameter (mm)
6.0 ± 0.2
Max Transmission Distance
Twisted Pairs
4 Pairs
Wire Scheme
T568B, Straight
ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA-568.2-D
Operating Temperature
-20 to +75°C (-4 to 167°F)
Installation Temperature
-10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)

Quality Testing Program

Take a look at our test program to get the reliable and high-performance patch cables.

Quality Testing Program

Patch Cables Testing Learn more
Quality Certifications
To get the detailed certification, please go to the Product Compliance Status for download.
Up to 25/40GBase-T and 2GHz
Cat8 Patch Cords support 40Gbps transfer speeds and up to 2GHz bandwidth, which is the ideal future proof, cost effective, high performance solution.
Gold-plated Connectors
Stable Transmission
Pure Copper Conductors
Less Signal Loss
Stranded 4 Twisted Pairs
Anti-electromagnetic Interference
Triple Protection of Patch Cables

RJ45 modular plug, PVC Jacket and strain relief boot to increase the service life of the cable.

RJ45 Modular Plug

Modular plug enhances the stability of the network connection.

PVC Jacket

PVC Jacket has good flame retardant performance.

Strain Relief Boot

The boot increases the friction for plugging and unplugging.

Dispels EMI/RFI line noise

Dual-shielding design protects against electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) and almost eliminate alien crosstalk (AXT).

The Cost-effective Solution for Indoor Data Center
Fluke Networks-Cable Testing

The patch cables pass the Fluke Patch Cord Test and deliver specified testing report, in which includes NEXT, PS NEXT, ACR-F, PS ACR-F, ACR-N, PS ACR-N as well as RL.

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Hong Kong, China

February 06, 2024
Excellent product with reasonable price. Extraordinary package with clear tracking details.
FS staff, Zora possesses a unique combination of knowledge, empathy, patience, communication skills, and dedication. She is the epitome of excellence, consistently delivering exceptional service that leaves a positive impact on every customer she assist.
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August 16, 2020
Great high quality product.
Fast shipping.
Professional business with great customer service- just have to ask.
Best packing ever.
Highly recommended.
Couldn’t load a photo for all to see but trust me you will know what I mean when Goods are received.
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