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This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OM3XXXF.

Customized 1-24 Fibers OM3 Multimode LC/SC/ST/FC/IP67/ODC/YZC Industrial Armored TPU Fiber Optic Patch Cable


BIF Helical Armor Outdoor

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1m (3ft)
2m (7ft)
3m (10ft)
5m (16ft)
10m (33ft)
15m (49ft)
20m (66ft)
30m (98ft)
1m (3ft)
2m (7ft)
3m (10ft)
5m (16ft)
10m (33ft)
15m (49ft)
20m (66ft)
30m (98ft)
Fiber Counts:
Connector A:
LC UPC Simplex
Connector B:
LC UPC Simplex
Pulling Eye:
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1-24 Fibers OM3 Multimode Harsh Environment Industrial Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Armored industrial cable features strong tensile strength, strong pressure resistance and good flexibility characteristics. Besides, it is bending resistant, oil resistant and wear resistant. Therefore, Armored industrial cable is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as connecting the networks of two buildings through the use of an underground conduit or direct buried.

Connector Type
Polish Type
Fiber Count
1~24 Fibers
Cable Jacket
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Fiber Mode
OM3 50/125μm
Attenuation at 850nm
3.0 dB/km
Attenuation at 1300nm
1.0 dB/km
Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable)
20/10D (Dynamic/Static)
Fiber Grade
Bend Insensitive
Insertion Loss
LC/SC/ST/FC≤0.3dB, ODC/YZC≤1.0dB, IP67 LC/SC≤0.5dB
Return Loss
Crush Resistance
1000/3000 N/100mm (Long/Short Term)
Tensile Load
200/600N (Long/Short Term)
Impact Resistance
200 Impacts
Flex Resistance
2000 Cycles
Trunk Diameter
Breakout Diameter
3.0mm (1~4 Fibers)
2.5mm (6~24 Fibers)
Maximum Tension of Pulling Eye
Operating & Storage Temperature
* The tensile load of simplex fiber cables is 200-400N.
Quality Certifications
To get the detailed certification, please go to the Product Compliance Status for download.
Tough Armor & Durable TPU Protects Network Connection Further
Constructed with a buffered fiber surrounded by an helical stainless steel armor, a layer of kevlar yarn, braiding and TPU outer jacket.
Heat and Cold Resistance
Rodent Resistance
Convenient Direct Burial & Durable Conduits Applications

There are two main outdoor applications for industrial cables. One is to directly bury them underground to reduce wiring costs, and the other is to put them in conduits for more durable.

20/10D Min. Bend Radius

The BIF allows tighter cable bends for slack storage and routing.

200-600N Tensile Strength

The pull-resistant cable prevents breaking and prolongs the life.

3000N Crush Strength

The pressure resistance can reduce destruction by external forces.

Industrial Cable Connectors for Outdoor Application
Industrial cable connectors can provide good protection for the connection when be used in a water, dust, and corrosion environment.
Breakout Types for Optimizing Cable Routing

Four different breakout configurations meet your various needs. Please note that the breakout length is 0.3m by default instead of 0.5m when the total cable length is not more than 3m.

Ideal for Various Harsh Installation Environments
Ideal for harsh situations such as roads & snowfields & industrial fields & construction sites.
Road Wiring
Snowfield Wiring
Industrial Field Wiring
Construction Site Wiring
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United States

December 20, 2023
I am truly impressed by the durability of this industrial cable. It is made of high-quality materials that not only effortlessly withstand regular use but also remain rock-solid when exposed to high pressure and various chemical substances.
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United States

April 13, 2023
I just today finally tested and installed the cable that I ordered in December. Its quality exceeded my expectations, and it works flawlessly! Thank you again for your assistance through the ordering process. I will certainly keep FS.com in mind for my future networking needs!
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December 22, 2021
This is my first setup with Mimosa using fiber. I have run fiber in conduit from my office to the enclosure and then used these outdoor industrial patch fiber from the enclosure to the radio, not in a conduit that will be exposed to the elements. Running well so far.
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