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FOPM-201 Handheld Optical Power Meter (-70~+10dBm) with 2.5mm FC/SC/ST Connector
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FOPM-201 Handheld Optical Power Meter (-70~+10dBm) with 2.5mm FC/SC/ST Connector

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FOPM-201 Handheld Optical Power Meter

FOPM-201 handheld optical power meter is a fiber optic tester with upgraded appearance and humanized design, which is mainly used in FTTx networks and fiber network testing. It has a wide range of power measurement and high accuracy, and can be used for absolute optical power measurement and relative loss measurement. When combine with a light source, the instrument is called an Optical Loss Test Set, or OLTS, typically used to measure optical power and end-to-end optical loss.
Measurement Range -70~+10dBm Calibrated Wavelengths 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
Resolution 0.01dB Accuracy* ±0.2 dB
Linearity ±2% Detector Type InGaAs
Response Range 700~1700nm OPM Connector FC/SC/ST & 2.5mm UPP
Cable Type MMF & SMF Auto-off Function Supported
Power Supply 2xAA Batteries Relative Humidity < 90% (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +50 °C Storage Temperature -20 ~ +60 °C
Dimensions 6.3''x3''x1.3'' (160x75x32mm) Weight180g

Product Highlights

FOPM-201 Optical Power Meter
  • Support both absolute optical power measurements and relative loss measurements
  • 10 minutes without any operation, the device will automatically shut down
  • Integrate the handheld and the intelligent optical power meter in one unit
Photomètres  FOPM-201 Optical Power Meter
  • Photomètres High Precision
    High Precision

    Using advanced measurement technology, accurate to 0.01dB

  • Photomètres Dust Proof Button Design
    Dust Proof Button Design

    Membrane touch buttons makes it more durable and easier to store.

  • Photomètres Protective Case
    Protective Case

    Protect the power meter from being damaged by falling, shocking and wearing.

User Friendly and Comfortable Product Design

The simple and clear button design makes your operation easier. With the backlight LCD display, it supports operation at the night or darker occasions.

Photomètres  User Friendly and Comfortable Product Design

Universal Optical Connectors

Included 2.5mm FC, SC, ST adapters, it can be directly connected to FC, SC, ST connectors. If you need to connect the LC port, you can realize the connection with the help of a FC male to LC female fiber adapter.

Photomètres  Universal Optical Connectors

On the Importance of Real Test

FOPM-201 optical power meter is a portable, handheld tester that can be carried in the field without being cumbersome or adding to your already heavy load of tools and equipment. Combined usage with FOLS-201 or FOLS-202 optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both single mode and multimode fibers.

Photomètres  On the Importance of Real Test

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