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As business needs are evolving consistently, so does the data centre networking architecture. The traditional three-tier architecture is far from meeting the large data centre network requirements. In this case, the innovative spine-leaf architecture emerges as an optimal choice for continuously changing needs of small and middle-sized enterprises business, cloud computing, and cloud data centres. One of our customers, an edge cloud service company,  GIG Technology, is devising to deploy high performance, full redundancy, and vast storage large data centre.1. Generally speaking, a large data centre must possess a high throughput, low latency, large cache, and high-reliability characteristics. Our customers need that each rack has 8 nodes with dual 10G SFP+, an IPMI port, and a management port. Together, there will be about 6PB of HDD storage and 1PB of SSD storage that most of the storage will be addressable from the Internet.2. What makes it important is how to deploy a high-performance network architecture with a promising cost for our customers.SolutionAfter considering factors such as cost-efficiency, reliability, capacity, and performance, FS innovates the spine-leaf network architecture with all our 1G LAN access switches, 10G LAN distribution switches, and 40G LAN core switches.


FS successfully assists our customers in renovating the spine-leaf architecture of the large data centers. The case is for large data center architecture which poses high requirements on the network switches. FS S5850-48S6Q switch boasts high-performance, high-reliability, low latency functions, and favorable price, making it ideal options for the large data centers.

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