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FS's client, one famous IT company with around 450 employees, is committed to serve customers with abundant information acquisition services based on its website. Considering that the business is in rapid growth, the company wanted to implement a secure and efficient wireless workplace by upgrading its network in the 5-floor building where will house up to 1,000 employees in the future. Work continuity is what our customer cares most. It has adopted dual ISP services to ensure redundancy, and it also put high demand for the reliability of upgraded network devices. Due to the multiple services it runs, the working devices in its offices are diverse and some are unfixed. Also, when mobile employees connect to the intranet from the outside, threats may exist. The 5-floor building will house up to 1,000 employees in the future, which is a high-density environment. Besides, the company’s various wireless applications are strict with network performance.Solution

Customer Benefits

Reliable and Efficient Network Access : Redundant dual ingress, stacking and load balancing provide quick and reliable access services for up to 1,000 employees; outdoor employees can access to the intranet securely and conveniently as well.

Flexible Network Security Guard : End clients are bonded with fixed IP addresses and the inactive security policy will not be affected when the client’s physical position changes, which assures the flexibility of the whole network security guard.

Optimized Seamless Wireless Experience : Wi-Fi 6 APs meets the high-density working environment and technologies like Pre-ax, AirRorder, CorrectLink and DWO are combined to reduce interference, contributing to a seamless experience.

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