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FHD and MTP® for Connecting in Cabinet and between Cabinets

By using flexible and scalable pre-terminated cables, fiber cassettes, and fiber & copper patch panels, the interconnection between MDA and HDA, as well as between HDA and EDA, can be achieved to meet the requirements of data center cabling and upgrades.

Product List

Rack & Cabinet



FHD Fiber Enclosure




FHD Fiber Cassette



FHD Fiber Panel



Coupler Patch Panel



MTP®/MPO Fiber Cable




Fiber Patch Cable



Network Patch Cable



Making Fiber Installation and MACs Work Easier

FHD series is a versatile solution in multiple sizes and styles for building backbones, data centers, and enterprise applications.

Optimized Space

The FHD panel or cassette allows up to 144F LC connections in the 1U FHD enclosure.

Versatile Solutions

It offers a versatile modular solution for patching, terminating, and splicing applications.

Integrated Management

Cable management accessories or integrated structures enable flexible cabling during operation.

Saving Time

The plug-n-play design provides quick connection and deployment for network applications.

Seamless Migration to Higher Data Rates

MTP® cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers that need space saving and reduce cable management troubles.

Bend Insensitive

Corning ClearCurve® and SMF-28® Ultra Fiber reduces optical loss in tight bends for slack storage and routing.

Low Insertion Loss

High-performance MT-based US Conec MTP® connector for data center and carrier-grade applications.

Fire Safety-Rated

Safe for use in plenum air spaces, as it can prevent flame propagation and smoke generation.

High Efficiency

Future updates, additions, and changes to the structured cabling are dramatically simplified.

Explore the Benefits of FS Structured Cabling Infrastructure

  • FHD x MTP® High-Density Cabling

    The FHD modular design allows easy upgrades, extending infrastructure lifespan and reducing costs. Additionally, our customizable MTP® cables offer versatile solutions.

  • Ultra-Low-Loss Connectivity

    The MTP® Base 8/12/24 offers various fiber count options to meet requirements. Products comply with ANSI/EIA/TIA, ensuring a reliable cabling system.

  • Clear Color-Coded Management

    Products follow the EIA/TIA-568.3-D standard, ensuring an organized infrastructure. When paired with cable managers, ties, and labels, they effectively handle cabling and minimize faults.

  • Advanced Testing Environments

    FS has established testing environments and procedures in professional laboratories. We utilize renowned brands such as Fluke and Dimension for performance and connectivity testing.

  • Full-Stack Localized Services

    FS offers technical support for both pre-sales and post-sales. Our local technical team provides installation services that save time within one week and reduce costs by 30-40%.

  • Timely Delivery Assurance

    FS's global warehouses ensure ample inventory for efficient fulfillment. Cabling products facilitate tool-free installation and enhance cabling efficiency by around 30%.


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