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Superior Wi-Fi for Your Smart Home

With the integration of the Internet into people's lives, Wi-Fi coverage without dead ends and seamless roaming have become people's daily needs. The villa has many rooms and large spaces, and the walls and stairs block the signal, which leads to signal attenuation and the wireless use effect not to reach expectations.

FS whole-house Wi-Fi network solution is committed to bringing you a reliable and ultimate Wi-Fi experience and creating an innovative and comfortable home environment. When you return home after a busy day, you can enjoy music or a 4K video between the rooms to start a fantastic evening activity. 7/24 monitoring inside and outside the house guarantees your daily life security.

Featured Products


Key Applications: Small Business

  • 5x 1000BASE-T Ports

  • Manage up to 64 Wi-Fi 6 APs and 1000 Users

  • Equitable Bandwidth Allocation, Balanced Access Load Pressure


Key Applications: Parlor, Entertainment Room

  • 2x2 MU-MIMO Dual Radios 3000 Mbps

  • Max 256 Devices Connected

  • Seamless Roaming with WLAN Controller/Security Gateway


High Speed

  • Multi-radio Wi-Fi 6 that handles all your connected devices without any slowdowns.

  • High bandwidth guarantees buffer-free video and audio to all devices in the room.

Easy Operation

  • Gateway, Wireless Controller and PoE switch functions are all in one.

  • Easily configure, monitor and manage your wireless network through an intuitive web interface and system.

Broader Range

  • Ceiling and wall-mounted type to achieve full high-speed Wi-Fi coverage and eliminate blind spots.

  • Seamless roaming lets you move freely without losing Wi-Fi signal for uninterrupted streaming.

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