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FS Portable Data Center Testing & Cleaning Solution

Seeking the Right Capabilities to Maintain Your Data Center

Why We Need Fiber Optic Testers and Cleaners?

Data centers around the globe are migrating to fiber.
Data Center Operations require tools to test fiber-rich, carrier-neutral environments for redundancy,
high performance connectivity and disaster recovery with handheld fiber optic transport tools scaled to
their networks up to 400 Gbps.

  • Ensure First-Time-Right

    Data centers are moving
    rapidly, and fiber certification is
    more important than ever. Test and
    cleaning equipment must support
    first-time-right results.

  • Troubleshooting Cannot Wait

    Data-center teams need a
    troubleshooting game plan–not just the
    right equipment, but also easily accessed
    data from certification and
    acceptance reports.

  • Data Rate is Moving

    Data centers are moving from 0G
    to 40G/100G where LC and MPO
    connectors dominate. Increased fiber optic
    cabling drives client installation and
    verification demands.

  • Problems are Arising

    As network speeds and bandwidth
    demands increase, distance and loss
    limitations have decreased, making fiber
    optic cabling certification more
    important than ever.

Basic Fiber Optic Testers - Always Required

Before of after fiber optic cables are installed, spliced and terminated, they must be tested. For every fiber optic cable plant, you need
to test for optical power, end-to-end insertion loss and then troubleshoot any problems at first. So the basic testers often refer to
measuring power, testing loss and visual tracing.

Advanced Fiber Optic Testers - Optional, but a Good Practice

When your optical link involves multi-connector, long distance and high keenness, the traditional tester may not fulfill your demands.
The following testers can help you with image centering, focus adjustment and optimization and one-touch multiple acquisitions with
clear go/no-go results presented in a straightforward visual format.

Fiber Optic Cleaning - Indispensable

With fiber optics, the tolerance to dirt or contamination on the ends of the ferrules of a connector is near zero. Any contamination in
the fiber connection can cause failure of the component or failure of the whole system. One of the most basic and important proce
dures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.

How to Use Optical Power Meter for Optical Power Measurement

Optical Power Meter | 10GBASE-LR | Cisco Nexus 9396PX switch

Support both absolute optical power measurements and relative loss measurements

Wo bekomme ich mehr technische Unterstützung?

FS konzentriert sich auf Netzwerklösung der Datenzentren, Enterprise und optische Übertragung, um Ihre Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen.
Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter tech@fs.com oder sales@fs.com.

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