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Free delivery on orders over EUR 79 (Excl. VAT)
Maximize Dark Fiber Utilization with the Latest WDM Technology
FS's WDM transport systems deliver the flexible capacity today’s networks need while providing a future-proof platform to meet the demands of the next generation. Multiplexing multiple wavelengths onto a single fiber or fiber pair achieves high fiber utilization and data capacity transmission over longer distances.
  • High Capacity Transmission
    Single-fiber GB-level transmission capacity, after multiplexing, the system transmission capacity can reach TB-level, which can help optimize network investment.
  • Transparent Protocol
    Each channel is transparent to the speed and type of data, supports ATM, IP, SDH and other signals, and provides diversified network services.
  • Maximized Dark Fiber Utilization
    Instead of using multiple fibers for each and every service, a single fiber can be shared for several services.
  • FMU-D402160M3
    • Maximized fiber utilization
      Multiplexing of up to 40 Channels on Fiber Pair.
    • High reliability
      Passive DWDM Mux/Demux based on AAWG technology.
    • Flexible expansion port
      1310nm Port for Increasing Capacity.
  • FMU-AD402160M3
    • Web management
      Configure, monitor and troubleshoot the device in real time.
    • Visual LED display
      A visual confirmation via LEDs shows that each channel and line are set up correctly.
    • Transparent protocol
      Mix of Services Multiplexing at Any Rate.
  • FHD-C84761EM
    • Low insertion loss
      Passive Insertion Loss Typical 2.0dB, Max 2.4dB CWDM Mux/Demux based on Free Space technology.
    • Hybrid C/DWDM system
      Expanding additional DWDM channels over 1530nm/1550nm ports.
    • Maximized fiber utilization
      Multiplexing of up to 8 Channels on Fiber Pair to maximize the usefulness of fiber.
  • FHD-C82745EM
    • High performance
      High density, low insertion loss, passive DWDM Mux/Demux based on TFF (Thin Film Filter) technology.
    • Flexible Expansion Port
      Expansion port for adding additional channels and increasing capacity.
    • Customized monitor port
      The monitor port provides flexible monitoring methods without service interruption at a split of 1% (2%, 3%, 5% optional).
  • Provide comprehensive device layer and network layer protection solutions.
  • Super large capacity transmission, which can be expanded to 40*10G.
  • Supports SNCP and OCP protection configurations, and the switching delay is less than 50ms.
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