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Cisco C21 DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ 1560.61nm 80km DOM Transceiver Module
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Cisco C21 DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ 1560.61nm 80km DOM Transceiver Module


SFP+ transceiver module is individually tested on a full range of Cisco equipment and passes the monitoring of FS.COM intelligent quality control system.

Cisco C21 DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ 1560.61nm 80km DOM Transceiver Module

Cisco C21 DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ 1560.61nm 80km DOM Transceiver Module

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Item location:
Seattle, United States
55 pcs in stock, U.S. Warehouse

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10GBASE 100GHz DWDM SFP+ 80km Stock List
Channel Frequency (THz) Center Wavelength (nm) Stock Channel Frequency (THz) Center Wavelength (nm) Stock
17 191.7 1563.86
1 pc
40 194 1545.32
100 pcs
18 191.8 1563.05
19 pcs
41 194.1 1544.53
54 pcs
19 191.9 1562.23
12 pcs
42 194.2 1543.73
32 pcs
20 192 1561.41
29 pcs
43 194.3 1542.94
34 pcs
21 192.1 1560.61
173 pcs
44 194.4 1542.14
58 pcs
22 192.2 1559.79
80 pcs
45 194.5 1541.35
220 pcs
23 192.3 1558.98
59 pcs
46 194.6 1540.56
156 pcs
24 192.4 1558.17
140 pcs
47 194.7 1539.77
208 pcs
25 192.5 1557.36
20 pcs
48 194.8 1538.98
182 pcs
26 192.6 1556.55
93 pcs
49 194.9 1538.19
100 pcs
27 192.7 1555.75
80 pcs
50 195 1537.4
12 pcs
28 192.8 1554.94
120 pcs
51 195.1 1536.61
84 pcs
29 192.9 1554.13
165 pcs
52 195.2 1535.82
129 pcs
30 193 1553.33
119 pcs
53 195.3 1535.04
38 pcs
31 193.1 1552.52
22 pcs
54 195.4 1534.25
64 pcs
32 193.2 1551.72
73 pcs
55 195.5 1533.47
142 pcs
33 193.3 1550.92
123 pcs
56 195.6 1532.68
81 pcs
34 193.4 1550.12
27 pcs
57 195.7 1531.9
125 pcs
35 193.5 1549.32
20 pcs
58 195.8 1531.12
51 pcs
36 193.6 1548.51
46 pcs
59 195.9 1530.33
97 pcs
37 193.7 1547.72
101 pcs
60 196 1529.55
62 pcs
38 193.8 1546.92
75 pcs
61 196.1 1528.77
29 pcs
39 193.9 1546.12
68 pcs

Cisco DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ Transceiver Module (SMF, 1560.61nm, 80km, LC, DOM)

Product Details

Cisco Genuine DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 Vendor Name FS.COM
Form Type SFP+ Max Data Rate 10Gbps
Wavelength 1560.61nm Max Cable Distance 80km
Interface LC duplex Optical Components EML DWDM
Cable Type SMF DOM Support Yes
TX Power 0-2dBm Receiver Sensitivity <-23dBm
Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) Protocols MSA Compliant

Quality Certification

Quality and standards are the foundation of FS.COM. We are dedicated to providing customers with outstanding, standards-compliant products and services. FS.COM has passed many quality system verifications, like CE, RoHS, FCC, established an internationally standardized quality assurance system and strictly implemented standardized management and control in the course of design, development, production, installation and service.

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty. Network equipment manufacturers all have guidelines stating that warranty support on their products will not be affected.

Lifetime Warranty

All the fiber optic products in FS.COM are fully warranted against defects in material and workmanship with a lifetime guarantee. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, improper use, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use.

  • This product provides the lifetime warranty ,which aims to reflect our greatest sincerity. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product is in conformity with ISO9001. This system is valid to a company engaging in development, production and supply service of fiber optical products. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product is free of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and phthalates. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product was produced under the requirements of CE to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product fully accords with the FCC, which aims to manage the radio wave and magnetic fields more reasonably. Please contact us to learn more.
  • FDA is responsible for regulating radiation-emitting electronic products. To protect the public from hazardous and unnecessary exposure to radiation from electronic products. Please contact us to learn more.

DWDM SFP+ 80KM Optics for 120km Transmission by Using Amplifiers

For long-haul transmission, a tidy and steady optic transport is necessary. As the following picture shows, by using DWDM SFP+ 80km and DWDM Mux Demux can make the whole transmission neater and more steady.

Item No. ID# Description
1 31237 Cisco Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ C22 80km DOM Transceiver
2 40191 1m LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) SMF Fiber Patch Cable
3 70411 Customized Dual Fiber DWDM Mux Demux
4 29124 S5850-48S2Q4C (48*10GE+2*40GE+4*100GE) Carrier Grade 100G-uplink Switch
5 65783 60KM Passive Dispersion Compensation, Plug-in Type, LC/UPC
6 36501 22dBm Output Booster DWDM EDFA C-band 24dB Gain, Plug-in Card Type
7 35925 15dB Gain, 13dBm Output, DWDM C-band 40 Channels Pre-Amplifier EDFA Card
8 48525 LC/UPC Singlemode Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator, Male-Female, 7dB
9 44059 Generic Compatible 10G DWDM SFP+ C22 80km DOM Transceiver

Quality Control System:


Cisco Nexus 9300 Series (Switch/Module : N9K-C9396PX; Uplink Module : N9K-M12PQ )

Cisco ASR 9000 Series (Modular Line Card : A9K-MPA-8X10GE)

Spectral Attenuation Measurement

WDM systems are divided into different wavelength patterns, conventional/coarse (CWDM) and dense (DWDM). Conventional WDM systems provide up to 8 channels in the 3rd transmission window (C-Band) of silica fibers around 1550nm. Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) uses the same transmission window but with denser channel spacing. Channel plans vary, but a typical system would use 40 channels at 100 GHz spacing or 80 channels with 50 GHz spacing. Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) refers originally to optical signals multiplexed within the 1550nm band so as to leverage the capabilities (and cost) of erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), which are effective for wavelengths between approximately 1525-C1565nm (C band), or 1570-C1610nm (L band).
Fs 20160606174047_413.jpg

Platform Support

Cisco DWDM-SFP10G-60.61 is supported on a wide range of Cisco equipment.

FS.COM S5850-32S2Q Switch Cisco 5700 AIR-CT5760-25-K9 Cisco C6800-16P10G(-XL) Cisco WS-C3850-24S Cisco Nexus 9000 N9K-C92160YC-X Cisco WS-C2960XR-48LPD-I Cisco WS-C3850-24T Cisco WS-C3850-48XS-F-S Cisco WS-C2960S-48FPD-L Cisco WS-C3560CX-8XPD-S Cisco WS-C2960XR-48FPD-I Cisco WS-C3850-48P Cisco WS-C3750X-24T Cisco ASR 9000 A9K-36X10GE-SE Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP7-E Cisco 4900 WS-C4948E Cisco Nexus 3000 N3K-C3172PQ
Cisco WS-C4500X-40X-ESCisco WS-C4500X-16SFP+Cisco C6800-32P10G(-XL)Cisco ASR 9000 A9K-24X10GE-TRCisco C6800-SUP6T-XLCisco WS-C4500X-F-32SFP+Cisco ASR 9000 A9K-36X10GE-TRCisco Nexus 7000 N77-F348XP-25Cisco Nexus 3000 N3K-C31128PQ-10GECisco Nexus 7000 N7K-M224XP-23LCisco Nexus 9000 N9K-C9372PX-ECisco 6800 C6816-X-LECisco C6800-SUP6TCisco 5700 AIR-CT5760-50-K9Cisco 4500 WS-X4712-SFP+ECisco Nexus 9000 N9K-C9372PXCisco 6800 C6824-X-LE-40G
Questions & Answers

Ask a question

  • Q:

    Is it necessary to clean a transceiver's optical connector? How to clean the 10G DWDM SFP+ transceivers? By Fry on August 20, 2017


    Dust and contamination can accumulate on transceiver's connectors and cause problems such as reducing the optic launch power. To ensure better connection, FS.COM strongly recommends cleaning both connectors each time you disconnect and reconnect them. FS.COM High Quality One-Push Fiber Optic Pen Cleaner for 1.25mm LC/MU Connector is the best cleaning choice for 10G DWDM SFP+ transceivers. By FS.COM on August 20, 2017

  • Q:

    Once I place an order for my transceivers, how long will it take to receive them? By Mellinger on July 05, 2017


    FS.COM has been maintaining adequate stock level of the DWDM SFP+ transceivers in U.S. warehouse, EU warehouse and CN warehouse. As long as the products you order are all in stock, we will ship them out the same day you place your order. As for some specific products or products that have a short stock, we will keep you informed ahead of time before you place your order. By FS.COM on July 05, 2017

  • Q:

    Why should I trust FS.COM compatible transceivers? By Soza on June 18, 2017


    Besides the price advantage we have compared to branded transceivers, FS.COM compatible transceivers also maintain the same performance and reliability. To satisfy our customers' needs of high performance, all of our transceivers are tested multiple times in mainstream original brand switches in our test center before shipped out. By FS.COM on June 18, 2017

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