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1m (3ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Simplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) 9/125 Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable
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1m (3ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Simplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) 9/125 Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable


A smart and cost-effective solution for long distance transmission.

1m (3ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Simplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) 9/125 Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable

1m (3ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Simplex 2.0mm PVC(OFNR) 9/125 Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable

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Seattle, United States
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High Quality and Cost-effective 9/125 Micron Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

The 9/125 micron single mode fiber optic cable is suitable for enterprise network, telecom room, server farms, cloud storage networks, and any place fiber jumper cables are needed. It meets RoHS compliant, and cable is optically tested for insertion loss to ensure high quality.

FS.COM also provides a full set of OEM services, such as fiber connector, length, color, fiber grade, specification, material, package etc.
ConnectorLC to LCJacket OD2.0mm
Fiber Type9/125μmFiber CountSimplex
Polish TypeUPC to UPCJacket MaterialPVC
Insertion loss≤0.3dBAttenuation at 1310 nm 0.36 dB/km
Return loss≥50dB Attenuation at 1550 nm 0.22 dB/km
Minimum Bend Radius 30mm Operating temperature-40~75°C
Fiber GradeG652DPolarityA(Tx) to B(Rx)
Quality Certification
Quality and standards are the foundation of FS.COM. We are dedicated to providing customers with the outstanding, standards-compliant products and services.
FS.COM has passed many quality system verifications, like ISO9001 and RoHS, established an internationally standardized quality assurance system and strictly implemented standardized management and control in the course of design, development, production, installation and service.
  • This product is in conformity with ISO9001. This system is valid to a company engaging in development, production and supply service of fiber optical products. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product is free of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and phthalates. Please contact us to learn more.

Quality Control System:

Direct Connection with Simplex Fiber Patch Cable

For long distance and indoor applications, bidirectional data transfer depends on simplex SMF fiber patch cables in 1G/10G Ethernet connectivity environment, the below viewly shows the connection between hot-selling BIDI SFP transceivers and simplex LC-LC patch cables.

Item No. ID# Product description
1 39143 Cisco GLC-BX-20U Compatible 1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1310nm-TX/1550nm-RX 20km DOM Transceiver
2 40446 1m (3ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Simplex PVC(OFNR) Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable
3 26388 Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner for LC/MU/SC/FC/ST/MPO/MTRJ Connector
4 20141 Generic Compatible 1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1550nm-TX/1310nm-RX 20km DOM Transceiver
5 66141 20x 100/1000Base-X with 4x GE Combo+4*10GE SFP+, 1GE Access and 10G Uplink Network Switch S3800-24F4S

Product Highlights

Industry Standard Fiber Optic Cable

The fiber optic cable has industry standard flammability rating OFNR (Riser) jacket and duplex fiber connector which meets EIA/TIA 604-2 for high speed cabling networks.

OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex 
Industry Standard Fiber Optic Cable

Premium Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule

Quality zirconia ceramic ferrule ensures optimum IL and RL , giving you excellent performance.

OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex 
Premium Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule
OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex Clear Cable Printing
Clear Cable Printing

Fiber type, cable jacket etc. in the bunch help clarify and recognize different cables.

Perfect Combination of Fiber Core & Cable Diameter

9/125um fiber core and 2.0mm cable diameter provide maximum protection.

OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex 

Perfect Combination of Fiber Core & Cable Diameter

High Quality Fiber Optic Cable Guarantee

End face test, insertion loss test and other tests of fiber patch cable ensure high-speed Ethernet network equipment connections.

OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex 
High Quality Fiber Optic Cable Guarantee

Packing & Labeling

This easy to take and well-protected fiber optical cable package has been labeled and marked by FS.COM as default. Customized label or package solution are available on request.

  • OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex

    Waterproof LDPE(Low-density polyethylene) plastic packing for each cable.

  • OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex

    Labeled the specifications of the item for easy identifications.

  • OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex

    K=K Corrugated Carton for carton package, providing maximum protection of your items.

Questions & Answers

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  • Question:

    What is the tensile strength and bend radius for short term installation and long term installed product. By Jscott Answer this question

    By Jscott 12/08/2017

    For 1 m cable(40446), the bend radius is 15mm and the tensile strength is 150N for short term and 80N for long term. Thanks. By FS.COM

    Helpful vote Comments Report
  • Question:

    Are these cables compatible with a variety of modules? By Olivie Answer this question

    By Olivie 06/29/2017

    Yes, LC cables can be compatible with SFP, SFP+ (BIDI SFP+), XFP. SC cables can be compatible with BIDI SFP, GBIC, X2 and XENPAK. By FS.COM

    1 Helpful vote Comments Report
  • Question:

    What's the difference between orange fiber optic cable and aqua? By Spears Answer this question

    By Spears 06/29/2017

    Both OM1 and OM2 are typically orange, the difference being the size, which is why you see both orange 50 and 62.5 micron cables. OM3 and OM4 are typically aqua. Higher speed applications require OM3 and OM4 (or better) for certain distances. And they have different data rate. OM1 and OM2 can support 1Gb and 10Gb speeds, OM3 and OM4 can support 1Gb to 100Gb speeds. By FS.COM

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