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See How We Test Patch Cables

Take an immersive 360° tour inside FS's professional lab, and explore what goes into testing high-performance patch cables that guarantee connectivity and transmission.
  • FS Lab Tour

  • Patch Cord Testing

    Test the performance of patch cords and RJ45 plugs, including NEXT and RL. Ensure greater stability and durability.

  • Channel Testing

    Test the connection between two devices, including any network and device cables, and detect parameters such as NEXT, ACR, etc. Ensure end-to-end network performance.

  • Permanent Link Testing

    Test the fixed portion of the channel for trunk cables and bulk cables, excluding the patch cables or equipment cords at the ends, and detect parameters such as NEXT, ACR, etc. Ensure reliable transmission performance.

  • Network Testing

    Measure network capacity, identify common faults, and troubleshoot active networks and PoE devices. Ensure normal network connectivity.

  • Inbound and Shipment

    A complete testing process ensures products performance and quality. And we will ship the products as soon as possible to provide you with an on-time and accurate delivery experience.

  • Develop

    Quality Certifications
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