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Test Assured Program for Fibre Patch Lead

Our responsibility is to provide world-class customer confidence in each fibre patch lead

Test Assured Program

FS truly understands the value of performance to each fibre patch leads in whole line. Every cable FS provides must run through programming and an extensive series of platform diagnostic tests to prove its performance. In our test centre, we care of every detail from staff to facilities—professionally trained staff and advanced test facilities, to ensure our customers to receive the cables with superior quality.

  • Professional Test Equipment

    Our test program including: end-face inspection,3D interferometer test, singlemode IL and RL testing, multimode IL and RL testing.

  • Rigorous Test Process

    Every cable will be cleaned to maintain end face free from contamination, avoiding affecting products' performance.

  • Strict Quality Control

    We record the data of the cables after testing and filter the unqualified one to ensure providing 100% high-quality products.

Our Advantages

  • Quality Certification

    Passed many quality system verification, like ISO, CE, RoHS and EIA/TIA

  • Large Stock

    Large stock of cables for same-day shipping

  • Rigorous Testing Standards

    Every cable is tested individually in our test centre

  • Qualified Service

    We insist on responsive and knowledgeable service to each customer

Test Video

End Face, 3D Interferometer, IL and RL Testing

The video will show the process of fibre patch lead testing by end face, 3D interferometer, IL and RL testing station. All of our fibre patch leads will be tested on end-face inspection station. 3D interferometer mainly used for testing MTP/MPO cables and IL and RL testing for standard fibre patch leads, uniboot cables and armoured cables.

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Our Test Centre of Fibre Optic Cables

FS has performed comprehensive benchmark testing on the fibre assemblies, including standard fibre patch lead, ultra high density cable, MTP/MPO cable and pre-terminated cable to ensure high quality.

Our Optics Test Show

3D Interferometer Test

3D interferometer provides verification of MTP/MPO polishing process, and making all parameters of the polished MT ferrule complies and exceeds industry standards.

MTP/MPO Harness Cable

MTP/MPO Trunk Cable

End-Face Inspection

Clean optical connectors are paramount in providing a reliable, high-performance fibre optic infrastructure.

  • Multimode LC Cable

  • Multimode SC Cable

  • Singlemode SC Cable

  • Singlemode LC Cable

  • Singlemode FC Cable

  • Multimode MTP Cable

  • Armoured Singlemode LC Cable

  • Uniboot Multimode LC Cable

  • LC HD Plus+ Multimode Cable

Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testing

The IL&RL of multimode can be tested at the same time on the multimode cable equipment, but for singlemode cable, it needs to be twisted the cable around a rod to test the return loss on the singlemode cable equipment.

Standard Patch Cable

  • Standard Patch Cable
  • Uniboot Patch Cable
  • LC HD Plus+ Cables
  • Armoured Patch Cable
Standard Patch Cable
  • Multimode LC Cable

  • Singlemode LC Cable

  • Singlemode LC Cable

  • Multimode SC Cable

  • Singlemode SC Cable

  • Singlemode SC Cable

  • Multimode SC Cable

  • Singlemode FC Cable

  • Singlemode FC Cable

Uniboot Patch Cable
  • Uniboot Multimode LC Cable

  • Uniboot Singlemode LC Cable

  • Uniboot Singlemode LC Cable

LC HD Plus+ Cables
  • HD Plus+ Multimode LC Cable

  • HD Plus+ Singlemode LC Cable

  • HD Plus+ Singlemode LC Cable

Armoured Patch Cable
  • Armoured Multimode LC Cable

  • Armoured Multimode SC Cable

  • Armoured Singlemode SC Cable

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