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See How We Test Optical Transceivers

Take an immersive 360° tour inside FS's professional lab, and explore what goes into testing high-performance transceivers that guarantee compatibility and reliability.

  • FS Lab Tour

  • Power and Wavelength Testing


    Test the signal delivering strength and wavelength, to ensure the signal decoding capacity of the receiver, and the wavelength remains consistent from the transmitter to the receiver.

  • Traffic Testing


    Test the bit error rate and packet loss rate, to make them meet the corresponding standards and ensure the performance of transceivers.

  • Optical Performance Testing


    Test the transceivers' eye diagram situation, receiving sensitivity, extinction ratio, wavelength, light-emitting, light-receiving, current and voltage, to ensure the signal quality, stability and reliability of the transmission.

  • Compatibility Testing

    • Cisco
    • Juniper
    • Brocade
    • Arista
    • Mellanox
    • HPE
    • Dell
    • Avaya
    • Other

    The transceivers are professionally coded and tested with 200+ targeted switches for proven interoperability.

  • End Face Testing

    Check the end face of the transceivers and keep them clean for more stable data transmission, better performance, and durability.

  • Inbound and Shipment

    A complete testing process ensures products performance and quality. And we will ship the products as soon as possible to provide you with an on-time and accurate delivery experience.

  • Develop

    Quality Certifications
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