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It is widely acknowledged that DWDM systems are the preferred solution over long-haul transmission networks. To overcome the dispersion and attenuation caused in the long-distance links as well as improve the system performance, the selection and deployment of applicable DWDM components becomes vitally imperative. Recently, one of our clients came across some problems in 100G DWDM network deployment and required for a solution for 60km dual fiber transmission.Though there are 2 pairs of fiber links at present, more channels for traffic transmission are potentially needed in the future.For the fact that the total loss across the optical path should be less than 28dB but the whole link loss for the 60 km link is nearly 24dB and the client has already got 1+1 OLP, how many amplifiers are needed and where the amplifier should be placed become issues.In addition, our client requires extra instruments for optical monitoring.SolutionFS OTN technical team proposes a point to point model for the 100G DWDM design.


In this case, FS helps the client build up a scalable 100G DWDM solution using FS FMT series products and customized DWDM components, assuring high-performance bandwidth and the link security.

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