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Fiber Optic Distribution Cables In Stock

Same day shipping service covering the whole North America

Bulk Tight Buffered Fiber Distribution For Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Tight buffered fiber distribution cables are ideal solutions for applications which use multi-fibers at a single-termination point. FS.COM provides both indoor and outdoor tight buffered fiber distribution cables for applications, like data center and FTTx projects. Our warehouse in Seattle has plenty storage for 12/24-fiber tight buffered bulk distribution cables for various applications. Customers can enjoy less shipping cost, adequate inventory and same day shipping from USA for these bulk fiber cables.

Indoor Tight Buffered Fiber Distribution Cable

Ease fiber cable deployment for intra-building and inter-building

12-Fiber OM3 Plenum 12-Fiber OM4 Plenum 24-Fiber OM4 Riser

Armored Distribution Fiber Cable for Indoor/Outdoor Application

Effectively decrease the deployment cost and increase cabling flexibility for harsh cabling environment

24-Fiber OS2 LSZH

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We are preparing storage products for our FS.COM warehouse in Seattle, US. Kindly tell us what you need for same day shipping from USA, we will prepare them for you as possible.

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