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13 dBm Выходной Мощности 1550nm EDFA с Модулем Компенсации Дисперсии для Доступа Средней Стадии
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13 dBm Выходной Мощности 1550nm EDFA с Модулем Компенсации Дисперсии для Доступа Средней Стадии

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US$  2,000.00
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13 dBm Output 1550nm EDFA with Mid-Stage Access for Dispersion Compensation is a gain-flattening EDFA designed for optical amplification in DWDM networks, which can allow a dispersion compensating fiber to be placed at the amplifier mid-stage to increase the DWDM channel power levels. This 1RU rack mount EDFA package producing up to +13 dBm total optical output power, the input power ranging from -10 to +6 dBm. It is the best solution (once fitted with DCM Modules ) to provides a convenient means of performing dispersion compensation and optical amplification in a system incorporating very long fiber runs to reduce distortion due to effects of chromatic dispersion that occurs in single-mode fiber (SMF).

Fiberstore developed this amplifier special for DCM Modules insertion, which amplify input power below DCF non-linear threshold, then enter dispersion compensating module , finally enter the second stage amplifier, and send signal to transmission fiber. This rugged, low-profile, high-efficiency EDFA design utilizes reliable pump lasers for maximum reliability, can be implemented in many network segments, such as long-haul, regional, metro and access. Also for all network applications, e.g. telecom, cable and enterprise.
Up to 13 dBm output power Wide input power range: -10~+6dbm 1U 19” rack mount structure for easy installationFirst Stage Output Power: 12dBm max.Mid-Stage loss can range from 0dB to 15dB Solve the low CNR for Mid-stage when with DCM insertionConnectors: SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC, ST/UPC and ST/APC connectors are availableLow Noise Figure: <4.5dB Ultra-Low CSO: <-70dBcPower options for 110V/220V and 48VComplete network management interface: Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232 interface10 years of operation lifeSupport Telnet and standard SNMP Network managementHigh Precise AGC and APC CircuitITCS(Intelligent Temperature Control System )All performance compatible with BellcoreGR-1312-CORE requestOEM is available
Long-haul, regional, metro and access WDM networksNetwork applications(telecom, cable and enterprise)Laboratory Test and MeasurementR&D
Application Drawing
This combination of Amplifier + DCM module solution enables the design of a flexible and highly available multiservice network. The price above is only for the DCM Amplifier( part 1), if you need the Part 2( DCM module) from us, please click DCM Module for more details.
Mechanical Structure
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