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23dBm Output C-band 40 Channels 26dB Gain In-Line Amplifier EDFA for DWDM Networks
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23dBm Output C-band 40 Channels 26dB Gain In-Line Amplifier EDFA for DWDM Networks


Provide high gain, high reliability, and superior optical performance. Ideal for today's highly dynamic networks and cost-sensitive market.

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DWDM EDFA 40 channels Optical In-Line Amplifier
Due to attenuation, there are limits to how long a fiber segment can propagate a signal with integrty before it has to be regenerated. The optical amplifier has made it possible to amplify all the wavelengths at once and without optical-electricla-optical(OEO) conversion. Optical amplifiers are an essential component in metro, regional and long haul optical networks.
An in-line amplifier operates along the transmission link to compensate for the losses incurred during propagation of optical signal.They are used at intermediate points in the link to overcome fiber transmission and other distribution losses.
If the availability exists to install one or more inline amplifiers at a repeater site, the DWDM signal can be powered with additional 23dBm optical budget.
Product features

Gain - 26dB Output power - 23dBm Input power - -26dBm to -3dBm Support any bit rate and signal format Typically used at the middle of the transmission link APC(automatic power control) circuit are employed Carries whole C-Band 1528nm ~ 1561nm of 40 channels
LC/UPC connector 19” 1RU rack enclosure Support Telnet & SNMP Dual 220VAC/-48VDC power supply Compatible with Telecordia GR-1312-CORE Low noise figure suitable for long haul applications Perfect Network Interface - Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 port
Up to 240 km by using In-Line Amplifier, Booster and Pre-Amplifier and DCM for 10 Gbps
DWDM systems with amplifiers are used when building long-distance backbone networks and metropolitan area networks or metro networks.
By combined with FS.COM 10G DWDM SFP+80km, 40ch DWDM Mux Demux, 23dB In-Line Amplifier, DCM100km, 20dB Booster Amplifier, 14dB Pre-Amplifier, a distance of up to 240 km can be realized.
Types of EDFA-Amplifiers
EDFA optical amplifiers, used extensively in fiber optic data links, can ensure recovery of the signal weakened by the optical fiber. There are three types of EDFA-amplifiers that can be used to enhance the performance of optical data links.
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