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2.76in.L x 0.94in.W P Typ selbstklebendes Kabel-Etikettenpapier, 2000Stück/Packung, Rot
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2.76in.L x 0.94in.W P Typ selbstklebendes Kabel-Etikettenpapier, 2000Stück/Packung, Rot


Simple, fast and easy cable and wire installation and Identification.

US$  46,00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Wenn Sie den Auftrag heute bestellen, wird das Artikel innerhalb von 5 Werktagen versandt.
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2.76in.L x 0.94in.W P Type Cable Adhesive Label Paper-2000pcs/pack, Red
Easy to install and identify, cable lable is widely used in telecommunication rooms for wire cable identification.There is a large variety of labels available, including an array of sizes, colors, and shapes. When selecting individual products, specifications to consider include materials of construction and certifications or approvals.

Part Number FS-P-70-24-RVendor NameFiberstore
Size(LxW)2.76in. x 0.94in. (70mm x 24mm) Package2 Rolls(1000pcs/roll)
Color Red Material PET
Cable TypeFiber Patch cable or Copper cable etc. Printing Technology Barcode Printer with carbon ribbon
RoHS CompliantStandardTIA/EIA-606-A
Why Not Make Your World in Perfect Order?
FS.COM provides high performance wire cable labels to save time and workload when managing the network. They are waterproof, tear resistant, scratch resistant and can be both handwritten and printed. Even in the low temperature environment, they have a relatively strong stickness. For more information, you can contact our sales.
How to Install the Cable Label?
To finish sticking the label to the cable, you only need several simple steps and less tools needed. Quick look at the following installation guidance.
A Variety of Lable Sizes for Choosing
On the complicated wiring patch panel, used a flag-shaped cable labels, even at long distance can provide good readability. Sometimes, you we may need to write or print more letters on the label paper, so different label sizes are necessary. We can also customize the label size according customer's requirements. For more information about the OEM serviclabel pepares, please contact our sales.
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