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1 Kanal HDMI über LWL-Transmitter und Set des Empfängers
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1 Kanal HDMI über LWL-Transmitter und Set des Empfängers

FS P/N: FS3511-T/R
500,00 €  Preis: 600,00 €  (inkl. 19 % MwSt. | zzgl. Versandkosten )
Verfügbarkeit: erhältlich,  versandfertig am So. 29. Oktober

1 Channel HDMI over optical fiber transmitter and receiver set with embedded audio input/output FC 20km
HDMI Video Optic Transmission System could transmit uncompressed and high definition HDMI video and audio signal over one 1-core fiber up to 100Km. It’s with Lesser attenuation, wide bandwidth, high anti-interference and safety performance, small size and light weight.
Our products have the incomparable superiorities and characters to in long distance transmission and special environment application.
Over only one 1-core fiber, our products can carry you 1080P video and 190K sampling rate, 8 channels and HI-FI audio signal.
Using our products could save construction cost and difficulty, and ensure high quality signal transmission in multimedia system application

HDMI embedded audio input should work with HDMI embedded audio output.
CRAFT: uncompressed technology VIDEO SPEC: 1080P 60 Hz Transmisson Distance:20km Fiber Type: Single-mode Simplex 1-channel unidirectional HDMI (1-channel HDMI input,1-channel HDMI output; )with audio over single fiber 1080P long distance transmission for your digital flat panel displays Using one HDMI to DVI cable, could realize DVI transmission Using advanced and uncompressed digital fiber transmission technology, design simple, safe and reliable FS3511-T/R supports WUXGA (1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz) or 720p/1080i/1080p Support HDTV highest resolution 1080P3 Support HDMI interface, compatible with HDMI 1.2a standardSupport input and output signal indicatingPlug and Play
Remote OB Van/Truck Video Feeds Broadcast Studio Camera Feeds Long-haul Signal Transport TV station/video conference Lecture Hall Projector Connectivity Medical/Surgical Room Broadcast Building to ing video conference callingSmall corporate campus video links
Product connection diagram

Description for HS-SDI Transmission:
1. Fiber-optic video transceiver mark:

T: fiber-optic transmitter
R: fiber-optic receiver

2. Power indication:

Light on, Fiber-optic video transceiver is working.

3. Fiber interface:

LC interface(SFP)(Warring:When the device is power on,don’t look directly into the eyes,in order to avoid eyesight damage)

4.Receiver indication:

Light on, Fiber-optic video transceiver is receiveing signal.

5.Video interface:

T: HDMI video signal input interface.
R: HDMI video signal output interface

6.Video indication:

Light on, Fiber-optic video transceiver is receiveing video signal,or transmitting video signal.

7.Audio indication:

Light on, Fiber-optic video transceiver is receiveing audio signal,or transmitting audio signal.

8.Data interface:

reverse data output.
Left: positive output data
Middle:negative output data

9.Reverse data indication:

Light on,data is transmitting . Light off,no data signal.

10.Lock indication:

Light on,video data and audio data is locked.

Make to Order (Extend information)
Video Interface Stereo Audio Fiber Type Fiber Port Data Port Power Supply Package
1 CH HDMI 1 CH Forward

1 channel reverse

1 channel bidirectional
Single-mode Simplex FC
1 channel Forward RS485/RS232/RS422

1 channel reverse RS485/RS232/RS422

1 channel bidirectional RS485/RS232/RS422
AC110~260V stand-alone
1U rack mount
1.Fiber Port: FC and ST is available,and for SC/LC connector, Fiberstore will provide you a corresponding patch cable for connector conversion for free
2.1 U rack mount:the standard is with 4 slots,Fiberstore will offer you dam-board by free when some slots is empty.

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