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MTP Plenum Solution for High Density Data Centers

  9   5053 By Fiberstore19.11.2015

During a fire, the easily burning cables give off toxic smoke and the air conditioning systems help the fume to spread without obstruction. Plenum products are designed to provide protection in such an emergency with its fire-retardant and low-smoke features.

Plenum rated cable is of the highest level according to the U.S. National Fire Protection Association standard.

comparison for plenum riser and general purpose cable.jpg

Plenum + MTP = Safer and Higher Density

MTP plenum cable is the most desirable product for addressing the problems of unfortunate fire incident and higher bandwidth demands in a restricted data center space. Because it not only meets the high density cabling with higher port density MTP connector, but also protects the equipment and people during a fire.

Plenum cables are suitable for applications such as under floor and inner walls of data centers, which are located at the cold or hot aisle of the precision air conditioning system.

under floor  plenum cable

FS Ultra Low Insertion Loss MTP Plenum Solution

FS MTP fiber connectors are directly sourced from U.S. Conec® and are tested and guaranteed by 3D interferometer. In order to ensure good physical connection and the clean signal, the insertion loss of MTP connectors are kept at no more than 0.35 dB. Genuine MTP high quality plenum cables are made of Corning® fibers.

fs high quality MTP plenum cable of us conec and corning fiber.jpg

Build New Network Architecture With FS MTP Plenum Cables

In the construction of new leaf and spine architecture, use FS top quality MTP plenum cable to add on the transmission performance. MTP interconnect/ trunk cables can be used for MDAs and IDAs, and MTP harness for HDAs and EDAs.

FS MTP-mpo plenum trunk and harness cable.jpg

FS MTP plenum solution covers both MTP trunk and harness applications.