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Hot Patch Cables

Worth Having for Your Network.

  • MTP-MTP Patch Cable
  • LC -LC Patch Cable


Designed for 40G and 100G data center, MTP-MTP cable is good for space saving and cable mangement in high-density applications. FS.COM offers MTP-MTP cables including OS2, OM3, OM4 types with 12 and 24 fibers.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Each cable has gone through 3D interferometer test,
    insertion loss and return loss test to ensure high quality.

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    Large stock in Seattle, USA to enable same-day
    shipping and fast delivery.

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Components for Data Center Connection

FS.COM provides comprehensive cost-effective solution for high density data center, including standard fiber jumpers,
MTP cables, FHD fiber enclosures, DAC and AOC cables, etc.

Equipment Solutions

MDA/MDA-HDA Backbone Cabling FHD rack mount enclosure
MTP/MPO-LC harness cable
LC switchable uniboot cable
Plug-N-Play cassette

HDA/HDA-EDA Horizontal Cablingg MTP/MPO trunk cables
LC multifier fiber cables

EDA Fiber jumpers
MTP/MPO-LC harness cable
DAC/AOC cable
Rack mount enclosure

Entrance Room Wall mount enclosure
Fiber pigtail

Equipment Distribution Area
Horizontal Distribution Area
Main Distribution Area
Entrance Room

Custom & OEM

Customize your personalized cable as you expect with any connector, any fiber type, any cable type, any color, any length for data center,
enterprise and harsh environment applications.

Customize Now
      Cable Color You can customize your own patch cable according to standdard cable color or any other special color.       Cable Length Desired length of cable assembly from connector end to connector end. This length includes any breakout and/or sub unit length.       Fiber Type FS.COM offers singlemode (OS2 or bend insensitive OS2) and multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4) selections . Please choose the type to meet your needs       Connector Type Connectors choices include LC (common, Grade B, Uniboot or Uniboot switchable), SC, FC, ST, MTP, etc. with PC, APC and UPC polishing types.